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333 Shekhina Redemption Wave

ASP - Kin 175 - Day 3035 of 28080

LC - 11 Cauac - Kin 219 -


IX - Red Solar Moon - Kin 9 - Red Planetary Moon Year


ADP - Kin 173 - Day 3033 of 28080

In the Galactic (8th) Moon of Red Planetary Moon Year Raahsirus and I were in Belgium with PAN UR participating in 13:20 revelations at a very magical place with a lake. 

 Fire in the Lake (this is a daytime 3 second shot with an unmodified standard camera taken on 8 Star)

This event started on Blue Crystal Storm - Kin 259, Dali 15 and concluded on Yellow Galactic Star - Kin 8 - Gamma 24 of Galactic Moon in the Dreamspell Year of Red Planetray Moon (The First Torch of Life Presentation). We explored the the prophecy of Pacal Votan -Telektonon, the nature of the Dreamspell Timeship Earth 2013, the Tzolkin, and the Psi Bank. Participating in many enlightening mediations upon the nature of the synchronic order. A Mathmagicians seminary.

The day after this seminar was Red Solar Moon - Kin 9  - 9th Tribe - 9th Tone (9 = 3 x 3) on the 03/03/03 This was a very magical day when thousands of people gathered in many groups around the World to pray for World Peace, our intention centered upon 3:33 pm.

The Kin put together two Timeships of Peace and sailed them on the lake.  The Timeship above has a Psi Bank sail of  8 x 2 Buddhas Heart Rainbow Bridges. Its Flag is the Banner of Peace with Red Magnetic Moon - Kin 209 - as its name (all the kin together on this day made magnetic moon!) 


Synchronisticaly 03/03/03 was also day 3033 of 28080 in the ADP



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