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 9th Solar Birthday Sextant


Astrological Chart of the Heavenly Cube - Seal of  David

When the Moon in Taurus opposed the Sun in Scorpio at the Full Moon on Nov. 8 - 9 2003, and Mars in Pisces moved opposite Jupiter in Virgo, the grand design shown above appeared. Six planetary positions, spread at intervals of roughly 60° around the wheel, formed a heavenly cube, coined the Harmonic Concordance.

Countless groups gathered around our world to receive this planetary initiation as the Earth once again sat within the heavenly cube, riding on the heals of the largest solar flares we had witnessed to date.

By a wondrous synchronicity the Harmonic Concordance was also the 9th 'Birthday' of the The Torch of Life. 9 x 365 = 3285 days elapsed of 28080  since since 11/11/1994, the day it engaged the planetary mind.

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