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Twenty Tribes of Time
"Fourth-dimensional cosmic memory-holders evolved for Velatropa 24 star system; originally two tribes per planet. All twenty tribes regathered for Timeship Earth 2013 entry to Terra-Gaia at - 26,000 Earth years of Hunab Ku interval."
from 'The Arcturus Probe' by José Argüelles
A human is a fractral of the planetary being. On the body there are four limbs, within a year there are four seasons. Four represents the self-existing power of form. On each limb there are five digits: 4 x 5 = 20. Twenty Tribes of the round table of equality. Each bringing their own gifts of knowledge & wisdom into the collective cauldron of magical creation.

Radiating from the heart of the human the Twenty Tribes become the twenty fingers and toes. Each Tribe glyph is then coded to a finger or toe. According to the Dreamspell of Timeship Earth 2013 the Twenty Tribes of Time follow the color code sequence Red, White, Blue and Yellow, which is also an inverse fractal of the sequence of the seasons Summer (South)Autumn (West), Winter (North) and Spring (East). They are arranged below in order with their 3 primary powers.

 Tribe 1: Red Dragon - Powers: nurture, birth, being.
 Tribe 2: White Wind - Powers: communicate, spirit, breath.
 Tribe 3: Blue Night - Powers: dream, abundance, intuition.
 Tribe 4: Yellow Seed - Powers: target, flowering, awareness.
Tribe 5: Red Serpent - Powers: survive, life-force, instinct.
 Tribe 6: White World-bridger - Powers: equalize, death, opportunity.
Tribe 7: Blue Hand - Powers: know, accomplishment, healing.
Tribe 8: Yellow Star - Powers: beautify, elegance, art.
Tribe 9: Red Moon - Powers: purify, universal-water, flow.
Tribe 10: White Dog - Powers: love, heart, loyalty.
Tribe 11: Blue Monkey - Powers: play, magic, illusion.
Tribe 12: Yellow Human - Powers: influence, free-will, wisdom.
Tribe 13: Red Skywalker - Powers: explore, space, wakefullness.
 Tribe 14: White Wizard - Powers: enchant, timelessness, receptivity.
 Tribe 15: Blue Eagle - Powers: create, vision, mind.
 Tribe 16: Yellow Warrior Powers: question, intelligence, fearlessness.
 Tribe 17: Red Earth - Powers: evolve, navigation, synchronicity.
 Tribe 18: White Mirror - Powers: reflect, endlessness, order.
 Tribe 19: Blue Storm - Powers: catalyze, self-generation, energy.
 Tribe 20: Yellow Sun - Powers: enlighten, universal-fire, life.

Right Hand - Fire Clan / Yellow Chromatic

Yellow Sun - thumb, generates fire as the power of universal-fire.
Red Dragon - index finger, transmits fire as the power of birth.
White Wind - middle finger, energizes fire as the power of spirit.
Blue Night - ring finger, protects fire as the power of abundance.
Yellow Seed - little finger, climaxes fire as the power of flowering.
Through the power of flowering fire becomes blood.
Right Foot - Blood Clan / Red Chromatic

Red Serpent - big toe, generates blood as the power of life-force.
White World-bridger - index toe, transmits blood as the power of death.
Blue Hand - middle toe, energizes blood as the power of accomplishment.
Yellow Star - ring toe, protects blood as the power of elegance.
Red Moon - little toe, climaxes blood as the power of universal-water.
Through the power of universal-water blood becomes truth.
Left Hand - Truth Clan / White Chromatic

White Dog - thumb, generates truth as the power of heart.
Blue Monkey - index finger, transmits truth as the power of magic.
Yellow Human - middle finger, energizes truth as the power of free-will.
Red Skywalker - ring toe, protects truth as the power of space.
White Wizard - little toe, climaxes truth as the power of timelessness.
Through the power of timelessness truth becomes sky.
Left Foot - Sky Clan / Blue Chromatic

Blue Eagle - big toe, generates sky as the power of vision.
Yellow Warrior - index toe, transmits sky as the power of intelligence.
Red Earth - middle toe, energizes sky as the power of navigation.
White Mirror - ring toe, protects sky as the power of endlessness.
Blue Storm - little toe, climaxes sky as the power of self-generation.
Through the power of self-generation sky becomes fire.
Each Clan contains the five Earth families organized vertically.
Polar family kin: thumb and big toe, crown chakra - receive.
Cardinal family kin: index finger and toe, throat chakra - transmit.
Core family kin: middle finger and toe, heart chakra - transduce.
Signal family kin: ring finger and toe, solar plexus - receive.
Gateway family kin: little finger and toe, root - transmit.

To align yourself with your earth family and become a planetary kin of the Rainbow Earth is a grand responsibility and requires an understanding of the Law of the Kin.
The law of the kin is fourth-dimensional law. It is the only law known to the fourth-dimensional holon. Autonomy, equality and loyalty are the three mutually self-regulating expressions of the law of the kin.
1) Autonomy describes the holon's use of free-will to explore the imagination in pursuit of its goals. It is impossible for one holon to impose upon or forbid another holon from being in its free-will.
2) Equality means that all planetary kin are related and have equal place and power within the Dreamspell. The planetary kin abides by and applies the law of the kin to all situations. The planetary kin is one that knows and becomes skilled at reading the Dreamspell Oracle.
3) Loyalty means that the ego is faithful in carrying out the holon's instructions as mediated by the planetary kin.
Abiding by the law of the kin, it is up to the planetary kin to see to it that the ego does not impose its free-will upon another.
"By the Dragon born, the Twenty Solar Tribes of the planetary kin appeared on Timeship Earth. By the Monkey taught, the planetary kin learned the magic of the Thirteen Moons that guide Timeship Earth. Set in flight by the Moon, the destiny of the planetary kin is the Galactic Launching of Timeship Earth."
from 'Dreamspell Manual' by José and Lloydine Argüelles

:: Samaya gya gya gya ::

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