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Appendix 1




HOLON: galactic whole, characterized by integral consistency, self-organizing capacity, and multi-dimensional inclusiveness; fourth-dimensional structure of time, represented as a tetrahedron; a sub-set and any of its parts within the galactic whole.


FRACTAL: frequency range that maintains symmetry across scale; holon ratio within larger holon that always recapitulates the whole.


HOLONOMIC: quality of fractal autonomy that reflects and maintains the whole.


HOLONOMY: science and laws governing the fractal principle of the holon.


SYNTROPY: law by which autonomous holons attract and turn together to create ever greater wholes; opposite of entropy.


ENTROPY: closed system function of third-dimensional time warp characterized by dissipation of energy; entropic system is governed by laws that diminish the autonomy of fractals; in human realm entropy results in civilization of self-destructive materialism.


G-FORCE: fourth-dimensional galactic time as fifth force; fractal bonding principle of the holon; radial synchronization beam of galactic time; overtone sprocket that links and harmonizes the dimensions.


GALACTIC FREQUENCY CODE: 1:13 ratio; thirteen frequency ranges each representing a magnitude and function of the galactic whole; thirteen unit template recapitulating holon cosmology; recombinant thirteen unit dot-bar binary notation code; template of galactic spin wave form, or wavespell.


DOT-BAR CODE: galactic notation system in sequence of 1 through 4 dots and one bar representing either 5 or 0; basis of galactic fractal mathematic code with qualities of being: holographic, binary, cumulative, recombinant, sequential, vigesimal and positional.


CHROMATIC CODE: primary code where numbers 1-4 are represented by corresponding numbers of dots and number 5 by a bar; interval of 4th to 5th is the basis of overtone chromatics; chromatic code advances color in a primary sequence where red = 1 dot, white = 2 dots, blue = 3 dots, yellow = 4 dots; as the synthesis of blue and yellow, green is the 5th, the bar, which brings in the overtone.


FRACTAL G-FORCE EQUATION: 5:8::8:13 describes the relation of the chromatic code of 5 to the galactic frequency code of 13; the units 5, 8 and 13 form a set in the logarithmic spiral series; the difference between the chromatic code of 5 and the galactic frequency code of 13 is the galactic harmonic of 8; the chromatic code of 5 combined with the g-force code of 13 is the basis of the galactic spin.


WAVE FORM: thirteen kin holon fractal, ratio of 1:20 of the galactic spin; four time waves create one 52-kin g-fractal, also know as a thirteen tone wavespell.


KIN: fractal unit of measure, one kin per galactic frequency range, thirteen kin per wave form; one solar Earth day, 260 per galactic spin; galactically bonded human holon.


G-FRACTAL: four wave form, 52-kin holon fractal which coordinates permutations of thirteen frequency ranges and four primary code colors (red-white-blue-yellow) in unvarying sequence; five per galactic spin; one at 1:7 ratio = one solar year; one at 1:5 ratio = master fractal of the four spectra of galactic being.


20 SOLAR SEALS: chromatic dot-and-bar code of five combined with the four primary code colors create 20 solar frequencies each defined as an icon seal; unvarying in sequence, 20-kin cycle of five time cells combine with thirteen frequency ranges to create galactic spin.


GALACTIC SPIN: 260-kin sequence interlocks 365-day solar year every 52 solar years precisely; ratio of spins to solar years = 7:5; 7 galactic spins = 5 solar years; 36.5 galactic spins = 26 solar years; 73 galactic spins = 52 solar years.


TIME CELL: 4-kin sequence coded by four primary colors; 5 time cells accommodate sequence of 20 solar seals; 65 time cell harmonics per galactic spin.


CHROMATIC: one of four 5-kin sequences that begin with bar-five group and end with same color kin; chromatics code the four 65-kin spectra of galactic being; 52 chromatics link: time cell harmonics, wave forms, g-fractals, and galactic spins.


SPECTRA: 65-kin code of three 20-kin and one 5-kin sequence cued to the bar-five chromatics; four primary color code overtone g-fractal interlocking galactic spins; basis of 1:5 ratio master fractal; function as tractor fractals that pull third-into fourth-dimensional time.


HARMONIC: 4-kin time cell coded by one of thirteen galactic frequencies; 13 harmonics per g-fractal x 5 g-fractals = 65 harmonics per galactic spin.


GALACTIC TIME: fourth dimensional matrix informing third dimension through fractal harmonics.


MATRIX: rule of the holon where every fractal ratio or kin carries equal value; supercedes any third-dimensional rule or law not consistent with ratio equivalence of all kin; 5th time cell and 5th g-fractal of the galactic spin holding the overtones of the bar-five chromatic.


SUN, SOLAR HOLON: local fourth-dimensional g-force receiver / transmitter; basis of 20 solar seal grid bonding fourth-dimensional body of planet Earth, or planetary holon.


PLANETARY LATTICE: system of 10 planets in relation to local star, Sun, orbitally bonded by two solar seals each, one for galactic input, one for solar output.


PLANET FAMILY: five planet families correspond to chromatic code 1:5 arrangement of the 20 solar seals; each planet family consists of four solar seals recapitulating the four primary color code; date of birth determines planet family; any solar birthday moves through the four solar seals of a planet family combined with the thirteen galactic frequencies over a 52-year period; the five planet families correspond to the grid formation of the planetary holon, also know as Earth family.


PLANETARY HOLON: fourth-dimensional structure of timeship Earth; coded horizontally by the five planet families; coded diagonally from north pole to south pole, west to east, as the four 5-kin chromatics; coded diagonally from north pole to south pole, east to west, as the four 5-kin color families; these three codes act as the planetary holon gyroscope of galactic time.


TIMESHIP EARTH: planet Earth in its orbit creating the fourth dimension which encapsulates the third.


TIME WARP: third-dimensional closed system governed by non-circulating patriarchal 12-month calendar; condition in which entropy, materialism, and civilization are one and the same function.


MATERIALISM: belief in exclusive third-dimensional frame which undermines itself by over-exploitation of the physical plane; belief that time is a function of space seals the time warp.


TIME SHIFT: release from third-dimensional time warp into fourth-dimensional galactic time.


CONVERSION TEMPLATE: solar-lunar Earth calendar of thirteen 28-day months, plus one circulating green day, synchronized to solar-galactic calendar and galactic spin; eight color-coded sequences of solar-lunar Earth calendar running from July 26, 1992 through July 25, 2000.


PLANETARY ART: galactically-bonded human kin interacting according to the frequency grid of the planetary holon and planet families; symbiosis of fourth-dimensional human Earth holon with planetary holon.


PLANETARY ART SPORE: flowering of 26,000-year human evolutionary cycle; fruition of time shift and exploration of fourth dimension; timeship Earth 2013.


FREE WILL: syntropic movement of holon fractal toward self-regulatory autonomy and greater interdependence with other holons; basis of planetary art.


FIFTH, FIFTH FORCE: matrix overtone which holds the center; positional unit in mathematical code that allows full overtone potential; time as interdimensional radial matrix which sprockets the g-force.


FOURTH DIMENSION: time as all-inclusive, non-physical plane of being; intelligence of natural order; continuum of galactic being.


THIRD DIMENSION: space as physical plane of being; manifest form of natural order; evolutionary arena of galactic being; inseparable from fourth dimension.


26-YEAR FRACTAL: period between 1987-2013 divided into two thirteen year wave forms; recapitulates 26,000-year human evolutionary cycle where history is reversed in first 13-year wave form and pre-history recycles into galactic time in second 13-year wave form; galactic fractal defines evolutionary cycle.


BIOCHROMATIC SEQUENCE: human holon internalization of chromatic code extended over 5-kin chromatic cycle; basis of identifying human kin bond with planetary holon grid.
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