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The ASP, The Yugas & 31104
The ASP has a fractal similarity to the Yugas of the Vedic ages. The Numbers 108, 360, 432, 864,1296 and 31140 are all a part of the ASP time fractal. The Maha Kalpa, 311,040,000,000,000, is fractaly identical to the number of ASP years in a Great ASP Age. The following is from the page: The ASP Time Fractal of 28080, 31104 and 497664
Great Age / Chiliocosm
The trinity is multiplied by the base of the silent pyramid (12) and again by the base of the silent capstone (also 12) to produce 1 Great Age. Or 1 Chiliocosm (See below), 1866240 Worlds of the Lords of Time.
Runic Formula x Bindrunes x Crystal Power Store x Base of Pyramid x Capstone x the 1 Center = 873400320 or
195 x 144 x 216 x 12 x 12 x 1 = 873400320                   
Effectively: -
144 x 6065280 = 873400320
This can also be seen as 72 Seals of David (6 pointed star) of 12130560 kin per Seal. Each of these 72 Seals of David can be seen to be emanating in rays from the primal Monad (Eye of Isness). The 72 Rays of the Monad are each coded to one of the 72 Names of the Nameless in Hebrew.
Chiliocosm means 1000’s of worlds. Within the ASP are cycles of 468 kin which I refer to as 1 World of the Lords of Time, the Bolontiku (9 x 52 = 468). In each ASP year there are 60 such cycles. In one Trinity there are 12960 such cycles.
873400320 / 28080 = 31104 ASP Years Per Great Age
In Earth Years this equates to: -
873400320 / 365.242 = 2,391,292.1
That is: - Two Million, Three Hundred and Ninety One Thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety Two Earth Years per Great Age
From: A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
Section One - Introductory Remarks
Fire in the Macrocosm by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul

"One day out of the long life of Brahma is called a Kalpa; and a Kalpa is that portion of time which intervenes between one conjunction of all the planets on the horizon of Lanka, at the first point of Aries, and a subsequent similar conjunction. A Kalpa embraces the reign of fourteen Manus, and their sandhis (intervals); each Manu lying between two sandhis. Every Manu's rule contains seventy-one Maha Yugas, - each Maha Yuga consists of four Yugas, viz., Krita, Treta, Dwapara, and Kali; and the length of each of these four Yugas is respectively as the numbers, 4, 3, 2 and 1.

The number of sidereal years embraced in the foregoing different periods are as follows:

Mortal Years
360 days of mortals make a year                                                              1
Krita Yuga contains :                                                                   1,728,000
Treta Yuga contains :                                                                  1,296,000
Dwapara Yuga contains :                                                               864,000
Kali Yuga contains :                                                                        432,000
The total of the said four Yugas
constitute a Maha Yuga :                                                             4,320,000
Seventy-one of such Maha Yugas form
the period of the reign of one Manu :                                       306,720,000
The reign of 14 Manus embraces the
duration of 994 Maha Yugas, which is equal to :                  4,294,080,000
Add Sandhis, i.e., intervals between
the reign of each Manu, which amount
to 6 Maha Yugas, equal to :                                                       25,920,000
The total of these reigns and interregnums
of 14 Manus, is 1,000 Maha Yugas, which
constitute a Kalpa, i.e., one day of Brahma,
equal to :                                                                               4,320,000,000
As Brahma's night is of equal duration,
one day and night of Brahma will contain :                           8,640,000,000
360 of such days and nights make one year
of Brahma
, equal to :                                                     3,110,400,000,000
100 of such years constitute the whole
period of Brahma's age, ie., Maha Kalpa
 :                 311,040,000,000,000

That these figures are not fanciful, but are founded upon astronomical facts, has been demonstrated by Mr. Davis, in an essay in the Asiatic Researches; and this receives further corroboration from the geological investigations and calculations made by Dr. Hunt, formerly President of the Anthropological Society, and also in some respects from the researches made by Professor Huxley.

Great as the period of the Maha Kalpa seems to be, we are assured that thousands and thousands of millions of such Maha Kalpas have passed, and as many more are yet to come. (Vide Brahma-Vaivarta and Bhavishyre Puranas; and Linga Purana, ch. 171, verse 107, &c.) and this in plain language means that the Time past is infinite and the Time to come is equally infinite. The Universe is formed, dissolved, and reproduced, in an indeterminate succession (Bhagavad Gita, VIII, 19). - The Theosophist, Vol. VII, p. 11 15."
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