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 The ASP and ADP Tzolkin Cycles
Find your ADP kin and your ASP kin
Two almost identical Tzolkin rounds are born form the runic geometry of the Torch of Life Galdrastafr (Staff of Incantations). These rounds are called the A.S.P. (Arcturian Shield Program 28080 (108 cycles of  260 kin/days)) and the A.D.P. (The ASP/Dreamspell Parallel). The A.S.P. and A.D.P. are both 108 cycles of  260 kin but the A.D.P. observes the 00 Hunab Ku intercalary day of the Dreamspell ignoring the Leap Year of the Gregorian tax book on February 29th's. The A.S.P. does not ignore any day. The A.D.P. is aligned to the structure of 13 Moon Calendar whereas the A.S.P. is almost perfectly aligned with other natural cycles e.g. Draconic Lunar Cycle of 27.212221 Earth days.
28080 / 27.212221 = 1031.889311 Earth days 
(3 Earth day error in 76.8 Earth Years)
28080 has recently been found in an Aztec codex!
108 x 260 days = Average human life time (76.88 Earth years)
(According to the Pyramid of Fire by Martin Matz & John Major Jenkins
In exactly 28080 days from conception, Mars completes 36 cycles, Venus 48,
the Asteroids 60, the combination of Jupiter and Saturn 72,
Uranus 76, Mercury 240 and the Moon 960 (Synodic). (Approx.)
Both the A.S.P. and A.D.P. Tzolkin rounds are essentially the same program, but the A.S.P. runs ahead of the A.D.P. by the number of 00 Hunab Ku intercalary day's (Feb 29 Gregorian: 4 year period) that have occurred since the Torch's inception point.   
Find your A.S.P. Kin and your A.D.P.  Kin
Long Count to A.S.P. conversion:
To find your A.S.P. kin (which parallels the Mayan Long Count) subtract 44 kin (Overtone Seed - Dreamspell Cube of the Law realisation) from your chosen Long Count kin. Click here to find a long count kin or here. The ASP runs at a constant of 1 day = 1 kin in perpetual cycles of 260 kin/days. e.g:-
Long Count to ASP Increment :: Yellow Overtone Seed - kin 44

44 - 44 = 0 (260) :: or :: 44 + 216 = 260

Yellow Cosmic Sun - kin 260
Dreamspell to A.D.P. conversion:
Subtract 96 kin (Overtone Warrior) from your chosen days Dreamspell Tzolkin cycle. 
Dreamspell to A.D.P. Increment :: Yellow Overtone Warrior - kin 96

96 - 96 = 0 (260) :: or :: 96 + 164 = 260

Yellow Cosmic Sun - kin 260
Working inversly from the A.D.P. to the Dreamspell add 164 kin (Galactic Seed is the kin of the Launch of the Timeship Earth 2013).
 Both of theses Increments are constants!
164 + 44 = 208 are the Steps of Merlin's Tower
96 + 216 = 312 - 260 = 52 Green Central Castle
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