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The Torch Stargate
The Term 'Stargate' is a popular one these days. In the movie of the same name it represents a tunnel or wormhole from one side of the universe to another. A Stargate has also come to mean a point in time where the stars are arranged in such a way as to be conducive for planetary alignments and collective spiritual initiations for our species. A good example of this was the Harmonic Concordance of 2004
In reference to the Torch of Life the Stargate is the mathematical function through which the runic vibration or frequency of the facets of the Torch Galdrastafr is naturaly amplified. It is this function through which the Geometric Number Emanation (GNE) of the Runic Formula, Bindrunes and whole Galdrastafr are trinitised or multiplied by 3. The above image of the Star is the hidden structure behind the symbol of the 8 Winds.
The above image shows the (GNE) of the Bindrunes (13:11:11:13) assigned to the NE, SE, SW and NW positions of the 8 Winds. Moving in a sun-wise direction:
NE (13) + SE (11) = 24
SE (11) + SW (11) = 22
SW (11) + NW (13) = 24
NW (13) + NE (13) = 26
24 + 22 + 24 + 26 = 96
Through simple addition the (GNE) of the Bindrunes is trinitised and forms a total of
96 + (13 + 11 + 11 + 13 = 48= 144
It was through applying this principal to all the individual facets of the Galdrastafr (see below) that the foundation was laid for the discovery of the Arcturian Shield Program and its core Time Fractal of 28080. It was purely the fact that 28080 is divisible by the ancient Tzolkin (108 times) that first identified the ASP as a function of natural time. It was the 108 that gave it its name, Arcturus is the 4th Brightest Star. Kin 108 is 4 Star in the Tzolkin.
Galdrastafr Geometric Number Eminations
Runic Formula = 65
Bindrunes = 48
Crystal Power Store =
Silent Pyramid Base
= 4
Silent Capstone Base
= 4
Centre = 1
Galdrastafr Geometric Number Eminations
(Through the Stargate (x3))
Runic Formula  = 195
Bindrunes = 144
Crystal Power Store = 216
Silent Pyramid Base = 12
Silent Capstone Base = 12
Centre = 1
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