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The ASP Octahedron Cycle

224640 Earth Days = 108 x 2080 

 The Octahedron cycle of days comprises 8 ASP years of 28080 days each.

The Geometric Number Emanation (GNE) of the Runic Formula (65) x

(GNE) of The Bindrunes (48) x

(GNE) of the Crystal Power Amplifier (72 = 224640

Runic Formula x Bindrunes x Futhark Witness = 224640

(8 x 28080)
Each ASP year is represented by one face of the Octahedron.
An ASP year can be viewed as 1 Tzolkin round where each of the 260 kin is equivelent to 108 earth days. The Octahedron cycle of 8 ASP years comprises 1 large Psi-Bank cycle that takes 615 Earth years to elapse. The Psi Bank is the matrix of the Planet Mind, see The Discovery of the Psi Bank. The Psi-Bank is comprised of 8 Tzolkins. This 224640 day cycle can also be understood as 108 x 2080 In other words we are viewing a fractal of the 108 day cycle of the ASP year in the form of 108 Psi-Bank pulsations. This can be thought of as the development pulse of the planet mind, perpetual cycles of 2080 earth days.
The Psi-Bank
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