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Completed :: Red Crystal Moon. Alpha 12. 9th Moon of Solar Intention
White Spectral Wizard Year

Planet Art Unifies - 11:11

Background Mandala by Valum Votan - Blue Spectral Monkey

Valum Votan - Closer of the Cycle

Solar Tribe Art by Aurora Ellis - White Rhythmic Wind

Aurora's 20 Glyphs

Central Mandala by Ormungandr - White Magnetic Mirror

Galdrstafr & The Torch of Life

Psi Field 13:20 - Tzolkin Sphere by Raahsirus - Blue Cosmic Eagle

Inspired by the Rinri Project - Telepathic Experiement :: Rinri Manual

Rainbow Bridge by Raahsirus - Blue Cosmic Eagle

Buddha's Heart - Rainbow Bridge

Part 1:  Peace Vigil - Unity of Science, Art & Spirituality

Baghdad Peace Vigil - Spring Equinox - Blue Magnetic Monkey

Banner of Peace

Part 2:  Planet Art Unification - Message of the New Covenant

Planet Art Report

Planet Art Network

Part 313th Moon Informatrix - 13:28 Biospheric Order

Visionary of the New Time - New Dawn Magazine
Michael Moynihan Speaks with Jose Arguelles / Valum Votan
13 Moon - Natural Time
Part 4:  Galactic Decoder - 13:20 Telepathic Psi Field

Dreamspell Wizard Count - Download Program

 Updated :: Yellow Magnetic Star. Alpha 5. 6th Moon of Rhythmic Equality.
Yellow Cosmic Seed Year
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