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Letter from Valum Votan regarding the
Arcturian Shield Program
It is largely through studying the work of Valum Votan that I/we have found the context through which to express the 13:20 fractal of the Arcturian Shield Program. As a matter of course it seemed appropriate to inform him of its existance. Having done so he responded with the following:
Resonant Monkey Moon Dali 22, Kin 83, 11 Wizard Year
Gebo is the Gift that Transforms the Throne
Dear Ormungandr
Thank you so much for the most impressive Arcturian Shield program. I've slowly been going over your material, looks very integrative. I must tell you how exciting it is to see this kind of creative cross-fertilization within the mighty domain of the synchronic order - the primordial fleshing out of the Dominion of Time. Truly, All is Number, God is Number, God is in All. Thank you again for your good work. You are truly making a contribution to the living body of the Law of Time.
Keep blazing those trails!
Valum Votan
Closer of the Cycle
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