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16 Day Middle Earth – 11:11 – Stargate
The Inception of the Torch of Life occurred upon the 11th of November 1994. 11:11. Every year on this day, all round the world, it is Remembrance Day. In honor of those who have given their lives in past wars. This occurs at 11 am.
The purpose of the above graphic is to describe, in terms of natural or fractal time, the precise point within which the Torch of Life was born in art form. An observation of Synchronicity. A glimpse of the Divine Plan, manefesting Heaven on Earth and Galactic Culture.
In the Dreamspell the Torch of Life was drawn on the day Red Rhythmic Earth or 6 Earth. The number 6 in Mayan notation is written as one dot above one bar. This tone gives the day a quality of organic balance or rhythm. There being one of each symbol creates a relationship of equality. The dot (1) and bar (5) are the two main glyphs used by the Maya to write numbers with.
Being in balance requires maintaining a position of centeredness
while being right in the middle of things.
In the Dreamspell it was an Earth day on 11:11. The qualities of the Earth glyph are evolution, navigation & synchronicity.
During the investigations into this 11:11 moment, it was noted that 8 days before and after (inc. 11:11), that two Eclipses had occurred.
1. Solar Eclipse (Total)
03.11.1994 :: Red Spectral Moon Kin 89

2. Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral)
18.11.1994 :: Yellow Cosmic Seed Kin 104
This emphasizes the position of the 11:11 Inception point being in the middle of a 16 day period. Being aware that eclipses only occur at New and Full moons puts the 11:11 Inception point in the middle between these Eclipses at the time of a Half Moon.

The symbology of the 16 day period, 8 days before and 8 days after, harmonizes with the 16 Rainbow Rings of the Torch of Life. These rings represent the original Heaven on Earth and our return to Heaven on Earth in the present time.
Middle Earth
Eclipse Midpoint
Middle Moon
At the time of the 11:11 Inception point Venus began a new morning star sequence. When Venus is a morning star you can see it rise in the morning before the Sun. In the Mayan tradition Venus is associated with Quetzalcoatl – The Feather Rainbow Serpent. All these signs point to the Torch of Life as being part of the same rainbow stream of prophecy that has and is emerging to embody the new paradigm of Heaven on Earth.
Within the ASP 28080 core fractal there are:
48 Venus Synods of 584 days + 48 days.
In Honour of the Buddha of Immeasurable Life and Infinite Light :
There are further observances that relate to the precise position in which the 11:11 occurred in the 13 Moons, Dreamspell, Tzolkin and Telektonon.
It was the 25th day of the Self-Existing 4th Moon. 108 days had elapsed of the 13 Moon year before the 11:11 point. Kin 108 = Yellow Self-Existing Star. 
The 1st day of the 16 day sequence occurred in both the Dreamspell and Long Count upon Tone 11 within their respective wavespells at the time of the Solar Eclipse.
IX - 03.11.1994 :: Red Spectral Moon Kin 89
LC - :: Red Spectral Earth Kin 37
1. Solar Eclipse (Total)

The galactic signature of Valum Votan Jose Arguelles the founder of the 13 Moon New Time of Peace Movement is Blue Spectral Monkey Kin 11 and the Monkey is the 11th tribe glyph.


The 1st day of the 16 day sequence is the 101st of the year and 17th of the Moon. 101 + 17 = 118. The galactic signature of Ormungandr artist / conduit of the Torch of Life is White Magnetic Mirror Kin 118.

Upon deeper delving in the number harmonics of this graphic it reveals an 11:11 - 11:13 - 12:12 - 13:11 numerical nest !
This occurs when combining the tones with their mirror opposite. For example the central crossover point of the graphic is between the 8th day and 9th day of the 16 day sequence.
Here one side has 5 Warrior and 5 Seed, and the other side has 6 Earth and 6 Serpent.
5 + 6 = 11       5 + 6 = 11


The next two out on each side are:
4 Eagle and 4 Night, and 7 Mirror and 7 Worldbrigder.
4 + 7 = 11       4 + 7 = 11

Try it for yourself - Open the 11:11 Stargate !
While it appears that the debate continues about the validity of the two different sequences of the Long Count and Dreamspell Tzolkin cycles within the world community of Mayan Time navigators, there is another observance which we feel would be good to bring to light.
The 11:11 Stargate occurred upon 11.11.1994. This was the Inception of the Arcturian Shield Program (ASP Count) with its core fractal cycle of 28080 (108 x 260). Wishing to honor the progenitors of the Mayan Time Science that we follow, the ASP Count has Long Count and Dreamspell kin equivalences.
On the 11:11 Stargate day, both the ASP and ADP began with Kin 1 Red Magnetic Dragon - Hun Imix. It was Kin 97 - Red Rhythmic Earth in the Dreamspell (IX) and Kin 45 - Red Rhythmic Serpent in the Long Count (LC).
97 + 45 + 1 + 1 = 144
When these four kin are blended together, the ASP, ADP, IX and LC the collective kin equivalence (Fifth-Force) is Yellow Magnetic Seed Kin 144. This was the trigger for Dr. Argüelles to bring forth the Prophecy of Telektonon in 1993.
Within the Telektonon the 16 Day Middle Earth 11:11 Stargate encapsulates Gamma 17 (4th Moon) to Kali 4 (5th Moon). Gamma 17 is the point at which Pacal Votan (Yellow Turtle) reaches the Heavenly Realm of Uranus after climbing the stairway to Heaven days 13-16, from the Historical Realm of Earth. In the Cube of the Law it is the 11th Cube: Monkey - Magic.

These revelations are occurring within the Blue Crystal Storm Year 1st Year Mystery of the Stone. 12 Storm. The Storm is the 19th tribe glyph. 12.19.
Since the beginning of the last Katun 05.04.1993, the Long Count date has been displaying 12.19.-.-.-. Does this point to now as the time for this all to come to light in the year of 12.19.
:: Dharmadhatu Upload ::
Day 2 - Overtone 5th Moon
Blue Crystal Storm Year 
 LC :: Blue Spectral Night - Kin 63
ASP :: Blue Rhythmic Storm - Kin 19
ADP :: Yellow Electric Warrior - Kin 16
IX :: Yellow Galactic Human - Kin 112
63 + 19 + 16 + 112 = 210

White Lunar Dog - Kin 210
I polarize in order to love
Stabilizing loyalty
I seal the process of heart
With the lunar tone of challenge
I am guided by the power of spirit
I am a galactic activation portal enter me !
- Star Map -
The image above is of the sky over Edinburgh on 11:11 @ 11:11.11 local time. The Sun was in Libra (The Scales - Balance), with Jupiter approaching a Conjunction on 18:11 (see 2nd Eclipse point). Up to the right is Arcturus, to the left is Antares, with Pluto in position close by to the AA - Midway Station. Venus and Mercury were both appearing as morning stars at that time.
Arcturus, Arcturus Probe
"Seventh-power shepherd star”. Home base and source of Arcturus Probe, Galactic Federation’s telepathic avant-garde used for pacifying and taming planets. Earlier divided into Outer Arcturus (Ur-Arc-Tania) and Arcturus Major."
"Sister star to Arcturus, whose earlier five-sensed spore types attained mastery of planet design."
Arcturus-Antares (AA) Midway Station
"CSR satellite used by Galactic Federation to monitor programs in remotest part of Velatropa sector, especially of Velatropa 24, Kinich Ahau. Also known as the mothership."
from 'The Arcturus Probe' by José Argüelles
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