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Glossary Of Terms And Names
For the mind immersed in the third dimension, The Arcturus Probe presents cosmology as viewed from the glass-bottomed boat of the fifth dimension. For this reason, a Glossary of Terms and Names is offered to assist the reader in getting a grip on the nature of universal life beyond deathfear. In the interest of galactic comprehension, this glossary is presented in cosmological order, rather than alphabetical.
GOD. All-comprehending, beyond-comprehension, always-close-and-near universal activator of everything.
GALAXY, THE MOTHER. Basic comprehensive unit of universal being whose purpose is to extend and expand pleasure through her innumerable centers of excitation – “stars” – and through all thirteen dimensions.
HUNAB KU. Galactic central, self-existing nexus, of all intelligence and order; supreme central authority. Coordinating force of all dimensional knowing. “One giver of movement and measure.” Heart of the Mother.
MIND. Medium of all galactic orders and dimensions of being. Basis of and inseparable from all consciousness and possibilities of being as well as nonbeing.
RANG (radio-amplified neuro-gammatron). Primal disharmonic pulsation generating harmonic feedback. Interdimensional background noise or “sound,” source of all phenomenal reality. Generative basis of universal life, perceivable only through pure application of mind.
DIMENSION, DIMENSIONS. One of thirteen planes of conscious order organized according to levels of density, cooperation, and luminosity. First dimension is atomic-molecular, second is electrical, and third is mentally formative. These three together constitute the physical plane of reality. The fourth dimension is electrical radion or the etherically physical holon plane; the fifth is pure radion; the sixth is pure luminosity; and the seventh is pure sound or RANG. The higher dimensions, eight through thirteen, are the mirror universes to the first six dimensions.
GALACTIC TIME ATOM. Dimensionally transcendent source or basis of all order. Understood as set of nonconstant intersections dividing galaxy into interdimensional quadrants. Primal cube of nested tetrahedra from which all forms and orders of galactic being are generated – e.g., four galactic seasons, four galactic clans, etc.
CENTRAL STELLAR RADION (CSR). Radiative core in and from which all programs of intelligence emanate. Sometimes identified with Hunab Ku, the CSR is actually a central holographic intelligence unit operating at four levels: galactic, stellar, interstellar, and planetary. Source of emissions of radion and hyper-radion.
RADION, RADIAL PLASMA. Streams of interdimensional intelligence and energy emanated by CSR. Basis of time, fourth-dimensional order of being. Also known as fifth force, g-force. Activated by pleasure, orgasm.
HYPER-RADION. Synergistically created and activated fifth-dimensional energy, basis of all dimensional structures and orders of being, inclusive of radion. Informative power of planet design and taming.
G-FORCE, FIFTH FORCE. Power of radion as time. Beams of time intelligently radiated from CSRs.
G-FORCE CORE. Point of conscious awareness in any given moment, interdimensionally sprocketed with infinite possibilities. The “now.”
RADIAL MATRIX, RADIAL MAGNETISM. Intelligently activated, self-existing power of radion spread equally in all directions and through all dimensions.
MATRIX LEAGUE OF FIVE. Primal order of galactic intelligence charged with evolving life in all forms, pristine “place” or home of the Universals. Series of courts from and to which all commands of conscious being are directed. Four clans plus the fifth force.
UNIVERSALS. Primal sixth-dimensional creator beings, either originally sprung from responsible for the matrix.
STARMAKERS, STARMASTERS. Primal fifth-dimensional beings evolved from the Matrix to oversee the composition of and maintenance of stars, the stellar orders of being.
STAR, STELLAR SPORE. Basic pleasure unit or sense organ of the Mother, whose purpose is to organize stellar life into the form of a sense spore or stellar spore, the sum of a star or stars and their planets grouped in pairs.
PLANET. Stellar units organized according to orbital harmonics to increase power of pleasure and intelligence within a given star or stellar spore.
MAGNETIC-GRAVITATIONAL INDEX (MGI). Basis of orbital harmonic, determined by a planet’s size, gravitational pull, and electromagnetic density.
TELEPATHY. Fourth-dimensional power of intelligence for unifying ‘ third-dimensional species into planetary art form. Also known as Primal Art of Great Unification.
PRIMAL ART OF GREAT UNIFICATION. Power of telepathy integrated with radial magnetic field endowing planet with unified fourth-dimensional operating consciousness. Basis of evolution of planet on behalf of stellar sporehood.
PAX. In response to RANG, conscious and knowing creation of harmony over time. Interdimensional “music” sounded and played by Maya. Universal peace.
UNIVERSAL TRANSCENSION. Goal of universal life – equal enlightenment consciously attained by all, for all, at the same time, leaving no life form behind.
THREE BODIES. Evolving life-form unit, be it individual or pod (group) which, being intrinsically interdimensional, consists of three parts: vegetable body or physical-plane third-dimensional root form; fourth-dimensional electrical body or holon; fifth-dimensional crystal body or pure mind form. Object of Primal Art of Great Unification is to bring the three bodies into conscious union with each other.
HOLON. Electrical radion or second body, also called light body or dream body. Bonded with crystal body, it creates body of deathless-ness. Telepathic activation of holon permits time-sharing, time travel, pulsar-riding, etc.
TIME-SHARING. Conscious telepathic union of two or more holons, heightened by orgasm or any form of intensified sensory pleasure. Basis of all higher-dimensional adventure.
PULSAR, PULSAR-RIDING. Within experience of time-sharing, the organizing principle for bringing together different qualities and kinds of telepathic experience, e.g., memory, dream, déjà vu, etc. Pulsar-riding is capacity to sustain and ride one of any kind of telepathic experiences to its “source.” (See: Pulsar Codes.)
WAVESPELL. Thirteen-unit (kin) form recapitulating thirteen-dimensional galactic cosmology. Lattice within which pulsars and pulsar-riding are structured. Basis of technology for time travel and other forms of time magic.
KIN. Galactic unit of measure based on sliding harmonic, hence flexible, increasing or decreasing according to ratio. Basis of all behavior – hence, law of kin: law by which everything holds place and power equal to everything else. Result of karmic equalization.
ZUVUYA. Path upon which radion travels. Circuits used by pulsar riders. Cosmic memory.
ENGRAMS. Crystalline, fifth-dimensional code structures generated by hyper-radion. Original 144,000 code forms of universal life communicated through zuvuyas between different CSRs. Probe “tools.”
DÉJÀ VU. Telepathic portal experience. Key into parallel universes. Available through conscious activation of g-force core.
PARALLEL UNIVERSE. Any of an infinite number of realms available to the g-force core of any given present moment and representing all the possible expressions of reality, inclusive of the realities of all coexisting species or universal life forms. To any other parallel universe, this universe is also parallel, as unreal as it is real.
DREAMSPELL, DREAMSPELL ORACLE. Power of creation unifying two or more minds. Power of magic bringing together effects from one dimension or parallel universe into another. Science for binding together the patterns and effects of the thirteen dimensions. Basis for sciences of pulsar-riding, time travel, and time magic. Available to third-dimensionals of Terra-Gaia as boxed kit of tools for leaving third-dimensional time warp and engaging fourth-dimensional holons.
GALACTIC FEDERATION. Consciously aroused program of universal intelligence resulting from compact of telepathically evolved stellar spores. Based on laws of Matrix and following goal of universal transcension, the Federation guides, catalogues, and monitors, but – true to its mission of the attainment of galactic free will – does not actively intervene except as a form of fulfillment of the law of karma (universal cause and effect). Member star systems include: Arcturus, Antares, Sirius, Pleiades (Shining Anchor), Procyon, Aldebaran, Vega, Regulus, Fomalhaut, Altair, etc.
ARCTURUS, ARCTURUS PROBE. Seventh-power “shepherd star.” Home base and source of Arcturus Probe, Galactic Federation’s telepathic avant-garde used for pacifying and taming planets. Earlier divided into Outer Arcturus (Ur-Arc-Tania) and Arcturus Major.
ANTARES. Sister star to Arcturus, whose earlier five-sensed spore types attained mastery of planet design.
SHINING ANCHOR (THE PLEIADES). Central star system of Velatropa sector. Operational base of Maya. Governed by starmaster Layf-Tet-Tzun of Alcyone. Regulates 26,000-Earth-year seasons, four of which constitute a Hunab Ku interval of 104,000 Earth years.
ALCYONE. Chief star of Pleiades (Shining Anchor). Central sun of Velatropa. Seat of Layf-Tet-Tzun, overseer of Velatropa.
ALDEBARAN. Member of Galactic Federation. Scene of Arcturus Probe’s first adventure. Home of the Dragonslayers.
ALPHA CENTAURI. Binary star system where heteroclite Arcturians first contact Lucifer strain, wiping out their vegetable body base.
ALTAIR. Star system where Memnosis restores planets without memory. Place of rehabilitation for those dying in deathfear.
SIRIUS. Evolved binary star system, one of the leaders of the Galactic Federation’s Velatropa mission.
VEGA. Federation star system where Arcturians encounter portals to universe K-9, home of Canus G.
REGULUS. Federation star system, original base of Balena the whale elder and other cetaceans.
ORION. Sister galaxy, base of planet-design training program of Antareans.
LUCIFER. “Light-bearer.” Primal impulse of galactic being to pure sixth-dimensional luminosity. Luminous evolutionary attractor. As premature entitization into sixth-dimensional form, free will out of time and out of tune with galactic order. Mischief-making cause arousing Galactic Federation into being. Localized into planet Venus of Kinich Ahau system, source of incarnate emanations of prophets and teachers Buddha, Christ, Muhammed, and Quetzalcoatl.
LUCIFEREAN PROJECTIONS. Fourth-dimensional entities or “gods” such as Jehovah and Brahma, originally localized on sixth and seventh planets (Jupiter and Saturn) of Kinich Ahau system. Capacity of these “gods” to exist as multiformed ghosts independent of existence • of Lucifer.
VELATROPA. “Place of the turning light.” Name of experimental zone of Galactic Mother within Northern Quadrant where Lucifer is quarantined by the Galactic Federation. Main scene of action of the Arcturus Probe.
VELATROPA 24. Helios or Sun, better known as Kinich Ahau, inclusive of ten orbital wings.
LAYF-TET-TZUN. Starmaster of Alcyone, original keeper of meditative powers of Velatropa sector.
KINICH AHAU. “Harmonic keeper of the distant light.” Also known as Helios or Velatropa 24, name of Starmaster and star system where Lucifer is tracked down and the Arcturus Probe reaches its climax.
AH K’AL BALAAM. “One knower of totality.” Kinich Ahau’s binary meditation partner.
HETEROCLITE, HETEROCLITIC. One living in accord with one’s own law. Universal tendency toward irregularity. Power of universal love.
HOMOCLITE, HOMOCLITIC. One living in accord with law common to others. Universal tendency toward sameness. Power of universal art.
ELDERS OF THE LEAGUE OF TEN. Original proto-Atlanteans of Arcturus, authors of the original Ten Commandments of Defense and Security. Their defeat by the heteroclitic time-sharers instigates the Probe.
ANALOGICS, META-ARCTURIAN ANALOGICS. Advanced heteroclitic Arcturians operating by supreme laws of analogy. Also known as Hyper Ur-Arc-Tanians.
UR-ARC-TANIA. Designation of two outermost (eleventh and twelfth) planets of star Arcturus (Major and Minor Ur-Arc-Tania). Home of the Arcturian heteroclites, progenitors of the Arcturus Probe.
SPORE. Type of self-reproducing life form common to Arcturus and Antares, characterized by diverse sensory centers, also referred to as spores. Originally, binary or twinned. Any evolved planet or star system.
ARCTURUS-ANTARES (AA) MIDWAY STATION. CSR satellite used by Galactic Federation to monitor programs in remotest part of Velatropa sector, especially of Velatropa 24, Kinich Ahau. Also known as the mothership.
MEMNOSIS. “Condition of remembering.” “Oracle of deathlessness.” Early Arcturian Probe hero. Self-sacrificed incarnate among Dragon-slayers of Aldebaran. On Altair, attains to sixth-dimensional being, thereby becoming instrumental in taming of Lucifer. Presently resides on Neptune with Ma of Ka-Mo, the Dragon elder.
MERLYN. Primal wizard and fifth-dimensional heart emanation of Memnosis. From wizard’s groves of Procyon assumes many forms. Key guide of evolution of Velatropa 24, especially of Maldek and Terra-Gaia. Presently in Terra-Gaia CSR Excalibur.
RADIOGENESIS, RADIOGENETIC DIFFUSION. Capacity of fifth-dimensional beings to reproduce themselves or produce emanations of themselves through light or radiant energy.
TREE, YAX CHE. Vegetable form sacred to Merlyn. Template of thirteen-dimensional knowing in which upper six dimensions (crown) mirror lower six (root), with trunk being seventh dimension. Mystic cosmic tree from which Maya generates itself.
WIZARD(S). Originally fifth-dimensional entities radiogenetically emanated by Memnosis and intended to guide evolution of non-twinned, monadic being. Merlyn or any of his infinite fourth-dimensional emanations bound to uphold the Dreamspell codes and law of the kin.
ARC-TARA, ANA-TARA. “Queen of Death.” Primal Antarean spore engaged by Lucifer to understand experience of death. Her misadventure with Lucifer is chief cause of Kinich Ahau’s two missing planets. Takes later form as key Antarean planet-taming helper pod on AA Midway Station.
CANUS G. Dog elder of universe K-9. Guide leading Probe to Matrix. Leader of dog migrations to Velatropa 24.3 (Terra-Gaia).
SHEENA G. Dog queen of universe K-9 and mother of Arcturian dog incarnates. Mother of all dog warriors of Terra-Gaia.
BALENA. Whale elder, leader of cetacean migrations to Velatropa 24.3 (Terra-Gaia).
ALYSSA U. Unicorn queen, leader of the horse tribes and their interplanetary migrations.
THOTMOSIS. Monkey king and prophet of pleasure principle. Invoker of Monkey genesis.
HYPNESIA. Monkey queen and prophetess of pleasure principle. Co-leader of monkey migrations to Velatropa 24.3 (Terra-Gaia).
MA OF KA-MO. Dragon mother. Primal deathlessness of being, an emanation of whom now resides on planet Neptune. Invoker of Dragon genesis.
STREAM ELDERS. Final fifth-dimensional form of Arcturian dog incarnates and their spore holon followers. Presently residing in the matrix.
DRAGONSLAYERS. Heroic beings who overcome first Atlantis, Atlantesia of Aldebaran. Hence, anyone who overcomes ignorance.
MAYA. Self-existing galactic navigators and masters of illusion. Operating from seventh-dimensional level of being, they maintain a base on the Shining Anchor. Act as guides for planet-designers and tamers.
LADY OF THE LAKE. Name of engram shield of primal female energy. Later incarnate as White Heron Lady. Presently in Excalibur at Terra-Gaia CSR.
WHITE HERON LADY. Uranian-Mayan initiator of Mayan dynasty of Nah Chan (Palenque). Creator of the Mayan chronograph.
PERCEVAL. Name of engram shield of primal male energy. Fourth-dimensional guardian of Dreamspell of History. Presently in Excalibur, Terra-Gaia CSR.
UPPERS. Members of Arcturus Probe volunteering as Uranian Probe (UPs, hence Uppers) to assist in Uranian memory-retrieval of Camelot and Excalibur.
ALTAI-ALTAIR. Starmaster of Altair who initiates Memnosis into star-master and starmaker arts.
CHILDREN OF MEMNOSIS. Altaireans awakened by Memnosis; holders of the six shields of cosmic memory used to cure deathfear. Protectors of Velatropa 24.1, 24.2, 24.9, and 24.10 (Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Pluto).
SHIELD. Engram-code-enscribed memory-guiding instrument of Probe. Provides protection by reminding of root origins.
BISEXUAL PENTACLED RADIOZOA. Carbon-based vegetable body type intended to hold cosmic memory of twenty tribes on planet systems of Velatropa 24. Known on Terra-Gaia as human, or Homo sapiens.
TWENTY TRIBES OF TIME. Fourth-dimensional cosmic memory-holders evolved for Velatropa 24 star system; originally two tribes per planet. All twenty tribes regathered for Timeship Earth 2013 entry to Terra-Gaia at – 26,000 Earth years of Hunab Ku interval.
TIME WARS. Aggressive movement to claim Kinich Ahau system on behalf of Lucifer through use of techniques intended to deprive third-dimensionals of their own time. Sourced on sixth and seventh planets of Velatropa system (Jupiter and Saturn), home of the Luciferian projections responsible for devising 12:60 artificial time beam.
MALDEK. Name of fifth planet out from star Kinich Ahau; Velatropa 24.5. Destroyed in time wars, Maldek is critical to sounding of fifth-force chord of Kinich Ahau. Known to third-dimensional science of Terra-Gaia as “asteroid belt.”
XYMOX. Name of Antarean who identified type and style of “lost” chord of Maldek. As “lost” chord, represents history needing to be retrieved by twenty tribes of time. On parallel Earth, sounded by Joshua.
FIFTH-FORCE CHORD OF KINICH AHAU. Sound created by attainment of perfect fifth. Sound of freedom from stasis of round of four. Sound of liberation. “Lost chord.” Primal RANG to be renewed by Kinich Ahau in A.D. 2013.
BINARY SIXTH. Type of sixth-dimensional beam mediated by White Heron Lady between Neptune (Memnosis) and Venus (Lucifer). Its purpose is to hold field between Uranus and Terra-Gaia (Earth) until opening of time tunnel. Foundation for Mayan 13:20 beam and chronograph.
CHRONOGRAPH. “Recording” of 5,200-Earth-year Mayan 13:20 beam laid over 5,200-Earth-year 12:60 beam projected by Luciferian “gods” of Jupiter and Saturn.
UNIVERSAL RESONANT HOLON. Fourth-dimensional gyroscopic instrument which holographically recapitulates basic bipolar structure of any coherent form or unit of galactic being. Basis of timeship design.
TIMESHIP. Fourth-dimensional time structure based on design of Universal Resonant Holon; capable of encapsulating a planet. Most advanced form of Probe, used for planet-taming. Uranian timeship Camelot and Terra-Gaian timeship Earth 2013 are the two best-known examples.
CAMELOT. Name of Uranian timeship destroyed in time wars; hence name of any mythic lost world of perfection and grace. Co-equivalent with 7,800-year Monkey genesis of Timeship Earth 2013.
URANUS. Velatropa 24.8, sister planet to Terra-Gaia, Velatropa 24.3. Home of Wind tribe spirit-people and Earth tribe navigators. Original meaning Ur-A-Nus: “primal heaven,” abode of spirit ancestors, Camelot. Terminus of time tunnel and progenitor of Excalibur, reconstructed lost timeship telepathically placed at CSR of Terra-Gaia to assist amnesiac members of Timeship Earth 2013 at appointed hour.
BABYLON. Name of artificial 12:60 time beam projected on Terra-Gaia at completion of Monkey genesis and beginning of Moon genesis at – 5,200 years of Timeship Earth; responsible for Dreamspell of History.
TIME TUNNEL. Telepathic passage between Velatropa 24.3 (Terra-Gaia) and Velatropa 24.8 (Uranus) as means of maintaining perfect fifth chord within Kinich Ahau. Blocked after time wars taking-out of Maldek and Mars; full reopening of time tunnel still one of the goals of Arcturus Probe.
TERRA-GAIA. Earth, Velatropa 24.3; sister planet of Uranus, Velatropa 24.8. Final “battleground” of time wars between Luciferian projections and the Galactic Federation.
ATLANTESIA, ATLANTIS, ATLANTIS CORPORATION. Universal tendency toward corruption of innocence, characterized by opulence, amnesia, and fear. On Terra-Gaia, final ploy of Luciferian projections and Babylonian lottery to disestablish Kinich Ahau by stealing time and enslaving cosmic memory of Terra-Gaian humanoids.
DEATHFEAR. Amnesia regarding interdimensional nature of reality. Used to imprison cosmic memory-holders in third-dimensional prison of materialism. Cause of war, money, wage slavery, and insurance
mafias. Ultimate lie.
ARCTURUS DOMINION (AD). Original name of reclaimed planetary system of Arcturus, source of Probe. Originally intended name for final 2013 years of Timeship Earth.
EXCALIBUR. Male engram of knowing embedded in female matrix. Sword of knowing. Name of telepathically created sister timeship of Uranus waiting to be released from Earth’s core (CSR) with reawakening of Timeship 2013.
ARCTURIAN CHESS. Game style of Arcturus Probe – always let the “opponent” win. Actual plan to enlist, according to Dreamspell Earth families, aroused planetary kin of Timeship Earth 2013 to take back the planet.
KIN CREDITS. Telepathic registrations of equality. Actual plan to phase out money system of time-stealing and replace with credit system of time-sharing (telepathy). Money turned back into time and given to all equally.
RADIOSONICS. Interdimensional architecture of unified sense field telepathically and collectively attained. Object of geomantic sensorium.
GEOMANTIC SENSORIUM. Planetary culture of sensory exploration. Earthly life based on time as art, rather than time as money.
MEDITATION. Means to restore mind and overcome deathfear through mental self-regulation and clear seeing. Capacity to stay unfixated in the now. Prolonged condition of mental clarity capable of engendering different forms of phenomenal reality. Primal self-existing power of creation. Power of creating a dreamspell. Underlying ground of reality.
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