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United Kingdom
Soliluna.net - Soliluna House is an inspiring centre in Glastonbury on
top of a beautiful sacred hill. Here you can enjoy Workshops on Sacred Geometry,
Mayan Calendar, Astrology and Human DNA Activation. B&B Accomodation with an
Organic Vegan breakfast is also available at Soliluna.
"At new human nutrition we look to balance the electro-magnetic stress, toxic overload and lack of nutrition that is slowly weakening our beautiful selves and especially our children. There is ample evidence that phone masts, toxic body products, food additives and environmental chemicals are damaging our immune system, DNA & environment. You have just found the solution."
Empowering people to regain their health or to assist them in maintaining
excellent wellness with Naturopathy and Herbs. Contact Richard at the PREMA Clinic,
69 Wellpark Ave, Grey Lynn , Auckland, New Zealand
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