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Upholds and furthers the goals of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan and Peace Movement, extending itself to all sectors of humanity regardless of race, color, creed, ideology or economic status, understanding that all human beings possess the same spiritual equality and are synchronized by the same universal time.
 The Planet Art Network Vision
The Planet Art Network is global organisation of individuals and communities dedicated to living and promoting a return to natural time. The central unifying focus of PAN is the 13 Moon Count and the principal goal is to raise awareness about the importance of a planetary calendar change while co-creating the ‘new time’.
a new website designed specifically for the linking and reporting of the activities of all of the different nodes of the Planet Art Network worldwide.
Our aim is for the global population of humanity to consciously recognize Earth as a living work of art; to beautify this life we are given; to be in harmony with natural law - natural time. www.13moon.com

Dreampeace : Hydra Clan is a satellite of the Planet Art Network (PAN), based in Melbourne, Australia. The seeds for our group were first planted by a dream informing us of the name of our node as the "Hydra Clan". The Hydra is a many-headed serpent. There is an emphasis on exploring waking and dreaming synchronicity, and bringing through the insights and higher vision provided to us by the dreaming mind. This seems especially important given the strong dreaming history of the traditional Aboriginal peoples of Australia.
A Planet Art Network Node dedicated to spreading the message of the World 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement in the Human Biorregion.
Power of People : Fun is Our Weapon :
Truth is Our Shield : Time is on Our Side
Check out the Terry Tortuga site!
An evolving rainbow galactic activation portal
where we will guide you into the new time frequency!
Artwork for the Soul:
The Visionary Gallery & Print Store of New World Creations and Atmara Rebecca Cloe. Archival Giclees, posters, cards and other gifts available. Retail and wholesale online catalogs. Licensing is always welcome, as are new commissions.
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