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In this time of "ascension" we, as individuals as well as a planetary specie, receive instruction and information as Light. This Light originates from Source and is distributed by way of consciousness nexus points throughout our cosmos. This Light carries the Perfect Pattern for consciousness evolution. Fieldwerks examines the New Light in its manifestation as our individual and holographic field... We invite you to share as we explore the manifold aspects of fieldwerk.
Welcome to the cyber space home of the Earth Mission, ET Earth Mission and Visionary Interdimensional Masters, 5th dimensional technologies of consciousness. Here you’ll find tools, techniques and models of consciousness  for the “exaltation of humanity”
E.T 101
The Cosmic Instruction Manual
An Emergency Remedial Edition
The Red Ice website is dedicated to "alternative news" and other information of importance and interest. This site is a result of a non-judgemental quest for better understanding regarding Conspiracy, Mythology, Symbolism, History, Religion, Occultism, Secret Societies & Freemasonry, Alchemy, The Illuminati, Science, Technology, Energy, Space, Earthchanges, Economy & Banking, Archeology, Astrology, Spirituality, 2012, UFO's, God, Aliens, Angels, Demons and much, much, much, much more.

 Alchemical Mage - Ascension Tools & Techniques - is the distributor of the Angelic Outreach Potions from the book What Is Lightbody?. The products are developed by the Council of Ein Soph: potions, elixirs, oils, ascension oriented audio tapes, cds, meditations, invocations and much more.
Dolphins, DNA & The Planetary Grid The new human being incarnating on Earth right now have two or three DNA strands fully activated. Most of us have only one. The symptoms of this are psychic, telepathic, telekinetic and healing abilities. Many Children are remembering past lives. Some were even great masters. Now they have returned to unite us as we move through the dimensional shift. The prophecies have foretold their arrival, but many of us find it difficult to accept our Children as the new teachers of Humanity. Our Children are living proof that Ascension is imminent and that a Dimensional shift is a reality. The scientists are also starting to agree.......so we better get ready.
where I exhibit some of my Art and some of my friends’ and other artists who want to… my last input is an interpretation of the 13 Tones from the Tzolkin Calendar... If you have any Art, texts, expressive objects you would like to see displayed on the net have a look and let me know. http://www.artweb.fr.st/
Home of Avalonian ethical-events organisation dedicated to uniting the Dragon clan and grounding the global visionary culture in the free state of Avalonia. Specialists in melding the magick of Celtic celebration with the global-galactik 2012 culture.Fusing ancient vibrations with new-time culture, healing arts with electronica, permaculture with performing arts. http://www.familygathering.co.uk/

Crystal and Spore is a redynamized movement towards a co-evolution of the species. It is a luminantly charged mycoremediation anti-virus for our dying civilization. Foretelling a return to the magikal destiny, this spiritual workplace is recalibrating the dimensional power lattice. By working in alignment with the natural energetiks, we are using the present as a vehicle for the future, calling in a planetary emancipation from toxins through the complex fields of organic possibility. Using a human-plant-machine interfacing systems science, we are able to collate the collective destination into a series of natural paradises and return oriented sacred environments.
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