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Heimdal, The Gjallarhorn,
The Horn Resounding And Ragnarok
Recently Kara noticed that if one looks at the Torch of Life mandala in a certain way one could perceive it as hornlike, the Fibonacci sequence provides the definition of its form as the Universal Vortex.  But what has a Horn got to do with anything you might ask? Very little unless one then associates it with the myth of the Rainbow Bridge, the nature of Heimdal the Watcher God and the cyclical prophecy of Ragnarok.  
Heimdal, the Nordic white Sword-Ase, is the mighty clarion-blower of the Horn Resounding (called Gjallarhorn) and the Watcher of the Gods. He stands eternally - except during periods of quietude in the world - upon the Rainbow Bridge (called Bifrost) and blows his horn at Ragnarok.
The Nordic term Ragnarok refers to the end of a world age. According to Norse myth it is in this time when the forces of light (pouring forth from the Temple of Heaven – Valhalla) cancel out the forces of darkness like a cleansing tide in the awesome unification of opposites. Right after this age ending event the world is reborn as a new Eden called the Ida plane. It is upon the Ida plane that the Younger Gods inherit the world!  Sounds familiar to "And the meek shall inherit the Earth"! I think it also sounds similar to the ‘Passing through the Mountains of Armageddon’ and that this is our ancient pre-history remembered in myth! This has happened before, and it is happening again!
It has been prophesised for ages past that the period of time we now occupy is as unique a point as has ever been experienced on this world. Indeed, we have clearly passed over the brink of the old world age and now stand upon the Rainbow Bridge that spans the ‘distance’ between the old world and the new world to come.
At this point, the end of our current age, most of us (in our more technologically advanced planetary culture) feel we do not have enough time.  There is good reason for this. Many sources available today are talking about the end of history, and the end of time as we know it. I intuit that this event, zero point, omega threshold is one with the ever increasing sense of Now. That is that we are experiencing more Now consciousness in our Now moment, or we are becoming more collectively present. I also intuit that this is only going to intensify! Our awareness of time is going radial!
According to the Mayan Long Count this age of our world ends at the winter solstice of 2012! At the winter solstice a new ‘Sun’ is born, the new world age. New potentialities of manifestation made available as more of our higher collective consciousness becomes more prominent in everyday existence.  The Torch’s Rainbow Rings represent, amongst other things, the last 16 years of the current 26000-year cycle as our solar system lines up with the centre of the galactic heart. At this time: Day 10, Moon 3 of Cosmic Seed year (autumn 2005) we have less that 8 years remaining – exactly 2640 days of the Long count: 
As I said above looking into the Torch of Life we can see it as a ‘Horn’. The centre is the 'within', the depths of the Horn Resounding, source of the soundless resonance of the enlightenment cascade. The outer edge of the Double Rainbow is the rim of the Horn and the sound waves are the rings of colour spreading outward like ripples upon a lake.
It could be said that these 'sound' waves are equivalent to the ripples of the enlightenment cascade racing round our world awakening every heart and mind (asleep at the wheel of our Planetary Timeship) to the resounding truth of our Divine Identity and to our responsibility to all life!
"When giants bent on envy, lust, greed or hatred of the divine order attempt to cross the bridge, Heimdal flashes along it to gather his horn which alone can be heard in all the nine worlds. Blowing on this horn he alerts the gods, but he also alerts every part of the worlds below, every aspect of man's lower nature to which the personal mind is attuned. Thus the god descends along the bridge and awakens the lower consciousness so that it can rise up and assist in the struggle. He descends, commences the battle, and then reascends to his post of watchman. As long as Bifrost's fiery span remains intact and the Immortal Watcher holds his post, the forces of chaos and dissolution cannot succeed. Continual vigilance is the order of the day, and continual harkening to the horn of wisdom's unsullied note. When periods of quietude and balance have been achieved and a time of peace prevails, Heimdal may descend along the antaskaranic path to light up the adequately prepared mind along the way and visit many places within the complex lower world. But when disturbances arise, he grasps his horn and, gathering the whole lower quaternary as a battering-ram, sweeps the menacing giants aside and storms the gate to that realm which hovers above the Cliff of Heaven and over the head of each individual human being. Thus, the smaller cycle is brought within the larger, the fruit of the World Tree made to carry the fiery seed of Immortality, and man is inspired to participate in divine self-rule." From: HEIMDAL - Theosophy.org
It is this Divine Self-Rule mentioned above by the Theosophical Society that we are inevitably achieving. Humanity is becoming realised as a collective manifestation of Godhead!  In my view, Humanity is the Younger Gods spoken of and the Ida Plane is Heaven on Earth.  
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