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Perpetual 16 Day Rainbow Bridge Invocation of the Torch of Life Galdrastafr
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In one Arcturian Shield Program (ASP) year there are 28080 Earth days or 1755 cycles of 16 days. Each of these 16 days is associated with one of the Rainbow Rings of the Torch of Life Mandala and with the 16 day Invocation of the Galdrastafr. 
This perpetual 16 day cycle is intended to be meditated upon one Rainbow Ring/Runic Invocation per day, in sequence with the ASP year. Practicing the 16 day Rainbow Bridge together is a magical act, building the Torch of Life Galdrastafr in our heart. Through this practice we strengthen the reality of being divine incarnations in service to all life on an individual and collective level.
As this practice is intended for many individuals to practice simultaneously, together we generate a huge creative thoughtform of liberation and enlightenment.
At this time of writing it is ASP day 3983 of 28080
248 Rainbow Cube Cycles Elapsed
15th Ring of Cube 249 - Violet
Galdrastafr Invocation - Mannaz
'I am the Temple of Spirit, Life Sounds In Me!'
If you wish to take part in this daily meditation, please contact us.
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