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Psychic Self-Defence
The Passive Art of Keeping Clear Psychic Boundaries
Do you feel as if you could be a ‘psychic sponge’?
Do you feel that you are carrying the world upon your shoulders? 
Do you find yourself feeling unnecessarily drained after helping people?
Do you feel that others find it easy to manipulate you?
Maybe you regularly feel disempowered by certain people?
Do you feel that certain environments drain you of energy?
Do you feel easily depressed through the actions of others?
Maybe you feel hypersensitive or shy?
Maybe you experience ME like symptoms?
All of the above experiences above can be alleviated through developing clear psychic boundaries!
Psychic Self-Defence (PSD) is a skill that can be learned by anyone regardless of age, experience or spiritual background. Through simple to advanced techniques taught through guided meditation we can learn to strengthen our awareness of our personal space and deepen our connection to the universal life field.
Through regular practice we can learn to identify what our soul feels like so that we can recognise what is not our own ‘energy’. We learn how to let go of and remove all the foreign energy from our subtle fields, which are more commonly known as our ‘aura’ or ‘holon’. These skills are as much a discipline as they are a natural spiritual ability that requires exercise through meditative development. Primary amongst these skills are the practice of compassionate self-monitoring and quietening the mind.
On an everyday level these skills are most helpful for the involuntary clairvoyant or empath. All energy therapists and mainstream professional healers will also benefit.  Indeed everyone can benefit through being able to recognise when it is someone else’s emotion they are feeling. We all like to take a physical shower, but how often do we ‘cleanse’ our mind and emotions?
Psychic Self-Defence  is not about being isolationist or being afraid of the world. Nor is it making what we feel or think someone else’s responsibility. It is definitely not for engaging in psychic warfare. It is totally non-violent, non-judgemental, non-projective or implosive. It is about self-knowledge, self-sovereignty and ‘owning’ our being as a sacred spiritual place.
Through knowing our Self we remember our Enlightenment!
Psychic Self-Defence is mostly taught on a one to one basis over a minimum of 3 sessions.

Sessions are £30 per hour.

Courses are arranged by request for a minimum of 4 people.
To arrange a session please fill out the Contact Us form.
Ormungandr is an initiate of the White Brotherhood. He has over a decade of experience as an energy therapist, meditation tutor and spiritual counsellor. For many years he has been leading groups and giving talks on self-development and human potential. He has a Diploma in Complimentary Medicine and holds a Ministerial Licence.

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