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The Great White Brotherhood

The Great White Brotherhood encompasses all the Ascended Masters of Earth (Rainbow Diamond Council of Elders) throughout all time and all the Ascended Masters from the rest of our local universe (Council of Ain-Soph). The term White does not refer to the colour of a race as has been suggested by some but to the quality of inner radiance held and developed by these manifold beings in service to all life. This radiance is the brilliance of our Inner Sun. Amongst its number are all the ‘guardian angels’ and higher or future selves of humanity. The term ‘Brotherhood’ is not intended to be sexist.
The Great White Brotherhood  is also referred to as the Legions of Light. This Light is the non-polarised consciousness of Divinity that extends itself through the hearts and minds of all enlightened beings. The Great White Brotherhood  functions primarily from the inner planes, educating many through their dreams. Some have direct waking telempathic communication with the Masters of Light. The inner planes are those that are not physical from our consensus reality perspective but are what most of us would understand as to be dimensions of consciousness closer in vibration to that of Primal Source.
The White Brotherhood is the earthly extension of the Great White Brotherhood  and has members incarnate around our world. All members are working for the liberation of suffering and the Spiritual education and Enlightenment of Humanity. Primary amongst its teachings is the subject of Self-Sovereignty through Self-Mastery.
The White Brotherhood is dedicated to the holistic pursuit of peace, love, harmony and wisdom throughout all realms. It is not a religion as it spans all streams of theological thought embracing all wisdom traditions as sacred teachings. Though it has appeared as a hierarchy at times it is aligned to the fundamental premise of omniversal equality. There is no superior or inferior only those who remember and those who have not yet recalled the truth of our divine origin and inheritance.
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