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2012 Gathering Notes – Day 233


It was a small gathering, with emphases on homeopathic understanding.


I (Raah) began with a short history of recent Calendar change related information. First mentioned was the large international movement back in the late 20’s and early 30’s which advocated a 13 “month” Calendar of 28 days.


What stopped this movement reaching it’s goal was when they met with the Vatican council. Here they were told that the Calendar could not be changed to a 13 “month” Calendar, because there was an extra day (Jul. 25) which is not a day in the week.


They council stated that when God created the Universe in 3000 BC, the order of the days in the week were started and to go against the Word of God would plunge the world into Chaos, War, Famine, Poverty and Terror. Therefore no Day Out of Time and certainly no 13 Moon Calendar.


It was then that I pointed out that in the 30’s the World had just experience the 1st World War and was about to begin the 2nd World War, culminating with the detonation of the Nuclear Bomb at Hiroshima. So to be honest the opinion and perspective of the Vatican council was CORRUPT beyond measure. Are you surprised?


Next was mentioned that when the current Catholic / Gregorian Calendar was institutionalise in 1582 AD, the Pope had around then created the Doctrine of Discovery. This was to help the invading Spanish in the “New World” to seize control of all lands under the Name of God and the Royal Family. This edict states that if a Christian discovers land which “Natives” inhabit then these Christians have the right to take that land from the “Natives” and declare it Christian land instead. Biggest load of CORRUPT bureaucratic non-sense I have ever heard of.


Then we went on to discuss the Gregorian Calendar in further detail. Its uneven months, the fact it was founded as the Roman Calendar by Romulus in 753 BC, dedicated to the God of War – Mars, and how it is the only Calendar in existence that does not have a harmonic series of months nor does it relate to natural cycles, for instance the Moon.


Then we talked a bit about natural Calendars, like the 19 year cycle that synchronizes the lunation cycle “new moon to new moon” with the Solar year of 365.242 days. This was known to most ancient and wise peoples of the Earth and the Tribes which they we part of.


Here was mentioned that one of the main purpose of Empires like the Roman and now the G8 con-glomerate, is to eradicate ancestral wisdom and replace it with control mechanisms to manipulate the populace into believing they have no power.


So we brought up the: killing, stabbing, burning, hanging, slaughtering, pillaging, raping, torturing, betrayal, hunting, massacring, bombing, shooting…


Of our Ancestors, in order to dominate history and control the future of the Earth.


It was quite a journey into clearly seeing again what has taken place and continues to take place as we speak.


The discussion went on further until we had a good overview of the dysfunction of the human species. Then Ormungandr led us into the Rainbow meditation.


Before doing this he describe its origins and respected purposes in harmonizing the biosphere and bring on the realization of the “New” sphere or Noosphere.


We created our pillar of light axis, great heart suns, activated our torroid fields and linked together as a Merkabah of light. Then we sent a beam from the Merkabah down to the center of the Earth at her Crystal core. We travelled along it to the central heart crystal and began visualizing the photon energy running through the north-south axis of the Earth. This energy then streamed out the poles and created a Rainbow torroid field around the whole Earth. This photonic energy is what animates us and our DNA into the experience we call life.


This information regaring your DNA is what the mass-amnesia media do not want you to know and will do everything in their power to perpetuate the hallucination of the current consenses reality. Ignor-ance. Live and let die.


The energy of the Rainbow sees through the fear and doubt of lost minds. It is a prophecy that is now more true than ever.


I have written this description of what took place in order to share with you the nature of the problem and how I see there being a solution.


All the best, In lak’ech


Kin - 195

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