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Greetings !
Welcome to the Cyberspace Home of PAN Scotland
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13 Moons of Natural Time

Could there be a standard of time that unifies all calendars in synchrony, and clarifies which calendars are not measuring time correctly? Yes!
Planet Art Unifies - 11:11
 Within the Loom of Maya is a sign of the Thirteen Moons

Crystal Day Gatherings

We hold Crystal Day Gatherings on the 12th Tone of the Wavespell.
All are welcome to attend the 2012 DNA circle !

PAN Scotland Events

We offer Natural Time Seminars and Advanced 13:20 Chrononaut Intensives around Scotland. Contact us to arrange one in your area.
We are happy to announce a new project under the name Kin Contributions. This is a space where other members of the emerging Scottish Galactic Human Community can represent their projects and perspectives on-line. All articles and projects presented are relevant to our collective evolution and spiritual maturation.

7 UR Caves of Earth Wizardry

The whole knowledge base of the Law of Time is divided into seven caves, in which you can practice the particular aspect of time.
"The Dreamspell is the door to the infinite.
The Dreamspell is a gift.
The Dreamspell: it's up to you."

Torch / Telektonon Interface

Every Day a Rune Song Sings, on Tower Days the Bindrune Song Sings followed by the Rune. Warrior cube days sing either Rune or Bindrune.
Cosmic Awareness, Way of Wielding Power
Sixteen Year Telektonon Cube of the Law (1997-2013)
"Where there is Peace, there is Culture;
Where there is Culture, there is Peace."

The Torch of Life

On the physical plane The Torch of Life is a mandala, a circular work of art that can be used as a meditational focus. Magically, it functions as a cynosure for the manifestation of the highest dreams and aspirations of the human spirit.

The Rainbow Bridge

"I see a rainbow bridge in front of me, it takes my breath away,
the rainbow rings each one a year, 16 in all appear..."

Arcturian Shield Program

The discovery of the Arcturian Shield Program and its core Time Fractal of 28080 days: 108 x 260.
 Cycles of the Arcturian Shield Program
28080 recently found in an Aztec codex!
108 x 260 days = Average human life time (76.88 Earth years)
(According to the
Pyramid of Fire
by Martin Matz & John Major Jenkins)
In exactly 28080 days from conception, Mars completes 36 cycles, Venus 48, the Asteroids 60, the combination of Jupiter and Saturn 72, Uranus 76, Mercury 240 and the Moon 960 (Synodic).

PAN Links

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PAN Scotland Archives
The Planet Art Network
PAN is a planetary phenomenon connecting the earth-peace makers within the new covenant of 13 Moons. Our Foundation is The Law of Time. Our principle equation is Energy factored by Time = Creativity.
The door of revelation is open and the pathway clear. Our goal is the World Thirteen Moon
Calendar Transformation. To make this change requires reawakening. Our present world standard of time is the Gregorian Calendar implemented October 5-15, 1582 by the Pope Gregory XIII. In truth we are still living within a medieval timing system.
But from the ashes of the crooked time the phoenix is arising. The divine plan is being revealed – Now is the Time to make the choice for yourself. Together we can create the peace that does not end on our Planet Earth – Gaia the Great Mother. In a time of peace the galactic human culture will flourish bringing on the psychozoic era, known as the biosphere-noosphere transition and the eventful ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge.
“clear crystal lake,

viewing together what we create

enter the mystery,

each step a pathway”

In Lak'ech - I am another yourself


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