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Vision for Co-Creating an Eco-Village
“Creating a new culture of living peacefully with each
other and the planet is our number one need”.
Hildur Jackson Co-Founder of Global Eco-Village Network
Stage 1
Seedling Vision Planted (gather the kin)
For many years our family and some close friends have been growing a vision of co-creating a sustainable eco-community in Scotland. We are now looking for other like heart-minded people who hold a similar vision. These people will come from a variety of backgrounds and have a multitude of diverse skills.
We would enjoy hearing from people with eco-building or practical experience, professionals (teachers, artists, crafts folk, health workers) with a love of nature and the finance and commitment to co-create it.
Please contact us for more information.
Stage 2
Find the Place
Once we have gathered maybe 13 families or the equivalent of individuals (and have agreed upon the legalities) we will either acquire land or regenerate a village. The community will be of multi-faith alignment.
Stage 3
Practical application of skill and vision 
We would be looking to make the village totally sustainable with a negligible eco-footprint. In regard to income we have the ideas of producing woodcrafts, growing organically and creating a tree nursery. We are also considering the idea of eco-tourism. 
“An eco-community is a settlement in which human activities
are harmlessly integrated into the natural world is a way that
is supportive of healthy human development and which can
be successfully continued into the indefinite future”.
Gillman 1991
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www.livingparadise.org/ (Venice CA USA)
Recommended reading: Creating a Life Together
Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities
by Diani Leafe Christian
ISBN: 0-86571-471-1
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