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Introduction to
The Shesha Human Life Map


Announcing the Completion of the 1st Head (ASP Day 4212) and the Awakening of the 2nd (ASP Day 4213) in the collective Shesha count of days. Outlining the primary applications of knowing ‘where’ we are in our lives according to its cycles.
Last day of 1st Head - Base Chakra
ASP Day 4212 of 28080 - Kin 52
Occurred on:
The 22th Day (2 Serpent - Kin 145 ) of the 11th Moon
– Dreamspell Year of Cosmic Seed
Long Count: –  5 Cib – Kin 96 7th Lord of Night – 7 Zip
(23rd May 2006
First day of 2nd Head - Sacral Chakra
ASP Day 4213 of 28080  - Kin 53
Occurred on:
The 23rd Day (3 World Bridger- Kin 146 ) of the 11th Moon
– Dreamspell Year of Cosmic Seed
Long Count: –  6 Caban – Kin 97 8th Lord of Night – 8 Zip
(24th May 2006

What is the Shesha count?

In the initial days of investigating the Arcturian Shield Program (ASP) a simultaneous perspective of the ASP year was discovered which I named the Shesha Count of Days. Shesha is the name of the Hindu serpent being upon which Vishnu sleeps during periods of universal inhalation (all of existence breathed back into the singularity of the supreme void). Shesha also functions as his Vehicle during periods of exhalation (manifestations of new universes).



This serpent, Shesha, has been portrayed with thousands (Anantasesha (Endless Sesha)) of heads, hundreds of heads and as few as 5. In all forms Shesha is a representation of the endless cycles of life within eternity. Frequently Shesha is depicted with seven heads, one head for each of the main chakras or one head representing thousands, a Chiliocosm*. When Shesha is shown as a unified hood above the head of a God or being it symbolises their Godhead, universal awareness and enlightenment. The name of Shesha has been linked with this count of days not through any association with Hindu tradition but through an understanding of the nature of Shesha and its symbolism regarding the awakening of the various stages of enlightenment within cycles of time, specifically the human cycle.

* Greek (from chilioi thousand + kosmos world)


In this context Shesha is regarded as a form of Kundalini. It is made up of 3 serpents that can be understood as the masculine energy of Shiva, the female energy of Shakti (or Ida and Pingala) and the pillar of holy fire running verticaly – allowing for the flow of life force up and down the spine through the centres known as chakras. In terms of the Shesha count, as a chakra becomes awakened one of seven serpent heads rears above the crown of the being (speaking allegorically), representing the accomplishment of the mastery of that chakra.


The Shesha count of days is a map which marks the stages of awakening of the human collective and in each human being. As this awakening moves through the chakras it ultimately reaches fulfilment as a crown of wisdom (the 7 hoods above the head).


The collective Shesha count of days, as a facet of the ASP, initiated with the appearance of the Torch of Life Mandala on 11/11/1994. Both counts are essentially the same, but this observation is the study of the Kundalini cycle of the whole of humanity which is understood in terms of our average life time of 76.88 Earth years. 



The 7 Heads of Shesha

Navigating the Collective Kundalini Cycles of Humanity

Walking from one Heavenly Mansion World to the Next

As the Eternal Emergence of the Rainbow Serpent

(Perpetual Cycles of 28080 kin 108 x 260) (76.88 Earth Years)


The collective Shesha count of days in the ASP

The ASP and the Shesha count are both 28080 days per year long (76.88 Earth years). In terms of the Shesha perspective there are six outer heads of 4212 days (11.53 Earth years) and one central head of 2808 days (7.7 Earth years). The central head is a fractal (division of 10) of the whole cycle.


Within the Shesha are 60 cycles of 468 (9 x 52) days. The number 468 is interesting here as it links to the Mayan prophecy of the nine hells (468 years long 9 x 52), which began with the landing of Cortez on the Guatemalan coast (he was mistaken as the returning Quetzalcoatl) around 1519 and ended with the harmonic convergence 1987. I intuit that this cycle of 468 days represents the ceaseless refinement done by the cosmic mill upon the quality of our manifestation. That is that the impetus of life drives itself through us in ever greater stages of development pushing us to become better than we are.


What this could mean is that the 60 cycles of 468 days represent the human voyage through the underworld as portrayed by war, destruction of nature, denial of spiritual reality etc. and the choice of awakening to alternatives. We might initiate the voyage of our life in the underworld but we have the capacity to choose a path of mastery and move beyond the repetition of karmic cycles and limitation. We are the creators of our heaven and hell. The Shesha count raises awareness of this choice.


From a differing perspective there are 540 Castles of 52 days from Day 1 to day 28080 (Valhalla Matrix). These castles each comprise 4 cycles of 13 days. Day keepers will be familiar with the idea of the life wave or wavespell – the sacred Tzolkin week of 13 days, of which there are 2160 (2 x 1080) in the ASP year. These life waves describe the manner of fractal development employed by the organism of life.


If we look at this from the other way round we find 52 pentagonal temporal gateways, each comprising 540 (5 x 108) days.


With the collective Shesha count of days we observe the movement of our collective life force/Kundalini. Different stages hold different challenges for us. At this time we are moving out of the realm of transforming base fear (Days 1 to 4212) and into the realm of transforming our sexual energy (Days 4213 to 8424) into creative energy, using it to unify our planetary culture in harmony.


The personal Shesha count of days

The personal Shesha count of days is individualised and unique to every person (except those with the same date of birth as us) as its incept point is our day of birth. Initiating as Kin 1 of 260  - our 1st Tzolkin cycle.


It is understood that the personal Shesha has a map which is identical to the collective map. It contains the same cycles of the seven heads, but the focus is on personal development. The following is an exploration of tendency only referring to a predominance of activity, growth and development over large periods of our life which can be used in the search for meaning and the drive to find predictability. This map is offered as an aid for understanding our stages of life in our own cycles of eternity.


The first 11.5 years of a person’s life can be related to the Root Chakra. During this time we focus on stabilising personal identity. The second 4212 days or 11.53 years is focused on sexual identity and refining our emotional intelligence and independence of spirit.  The 3rd 11.53 years is about attuning the mind to our soul purpose, bringing us up to just before our 35th solar year of life when we begin the 11.53 years of the Heart by which time our purpose is clearly defined otherwise we usually experience a midlife crisis of some kind. At 46 we have moved into the 5th era of our life which relates to the Throat chakra, where the opened heart is expressed as wisdom through the mastery of our craft.  At almost 58 when the focus changes to the Brow Chakra our insight becomes highly refined. The last cycle relating to the Crown Chakra is mapped by the central head of 2808 days (7.7 Earth years) which begins at 69 and concludes just before our 77th birthday when we enter the stage of accomplishment. We are ‘reborn’ just before our 77th birthday and the second Shesha cycle of our life begins.


The personal Shesha count of days provides insight into the patterns of life and a map with which to start to find predictability and stimulate the awareness of synchronicity.



Shesha Life Map comprises:

 1 Castle (Mjölinr) of 52 kin/days - 4 life waves (weeks) of 13 days
Each 13 days comprises one transformation
from Yang to Yin and back to Yang
9 Castles in 1 World of the Lords of Time
81 Castles in 1 Outer Head
54 Castles in the Central Head
540 in all

 Nine Castles (1 World) of the Lords of Time

1 World = 468 kin = 9 x 52

60 x 468 = 28080


One of 6 Outer Heads of Shesha (Nine Worlds of the Lords of Time)

4212 kin/days = 9 x 468 Comprising 81 cycles of 52 

7th (Central) Head of Shesha of 2808 kin

Comprising = 10.8 x 260  or  (10 x 260) + 208 kin (‘Merlin’s Tower’)

Or 6 x 468 = 81 x 52



If you have between 25273 days of life and 28080 you are within the Central Head. If you are over 76.88 earth years you have started your 2nd cycle.


How to track your Shesha count:
1)   Work out how many days you have been alive: Click Here for The Amazing Days Alive Calculator
2)   Divide that number by 260 and record the whole number; this is how many Tzolkin cycles you have lived. (260 days is approximately the number of days in the womb pre-birth – just over 9 Moonths)
3)   Multiply all of the decimal remainder by 260 to find your day kin, round up the result.
(Check result by multiplying your Tzolkin years by 260 and adding your kin day. This should equal the number of days you have been alive).
4)   Divide the number of days you have been alive by 4212
5)   The whole number informs you how many Outer Heads (4212 days) you have lived and the remainder, if any, informs you how many days into the next head you are.
6)   Multiply the remainder by 4212 and round up the result if necessary, this informs you how many days you are into the next head.
7)   Divide this new number by 468 to find out how many Worlds of the Lords of Time you have completed, again the whole number informs you how many have elapsed.
8)   Multiply the remainder by 468 and round up to a whole number, this informs you how many days into your current world you are.
9)   Divide this number by 52, the whole number informs you how many castles have elapsed
10) Multiply any remainder by 52, this informs you how many days are remaining in your current castle, round up.
11) Divide this new number by 13 to find how many life waves have elapsed
12) Multiply any any remainder by 13 (rounded up) informs you how many days have elapsed of your current life wave.
‘Merlin’s Tower’
Central 208 kin
4 x 52
(Image also represents 8 ASP years -  The ASP Octahedron Psi-Bank )
8 x 108 x 13 x 20
8 x 260 where each kin represents 108 Earth days




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