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The 13th Sign / Serpent Holder

Usually we are told there are 12 signs in the Zodiac, that 360 degrees make a circle, and that these 360 degrees when divided into 12 parts create 30 degrees for each sign.  [12 x 30 = 360]


In reality though it is not like this at all


[For more information see: Origin of the Circle]


When the Sun, and the Planets of our solar-system are viewed in the night sky, they move along a certain band of the sky.  This band is called the Ecliptic and it is generally closer to a line than an area, except for the orbit of Pluto which is at an angle of 17° inclination to the Ecliptic. Generally the signs the Ecliptic line passes through are known well, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc.  One of the missing facts though, is that at the point where the Ecliptic passes Scorpio it crosses another sign that usually is missed out, Ophiuchus - The 13th Sign / Serpent Holder.

Ecliptic Zodiac

Another fact that is usually missed out is that the 13 signs are all of different lengths.


Here are their [IAU] values in days:


Sagittarius   - 32 days   18 Dec - 18 Jan

Capricorn    - 28 days   19 Jan - 15 Feb

Aquarius      - 24 days   16 Feb - 11 Mar   [25 days in Gregorian Leap-years]

Pisces          - 38 days   12 Mar - 18 Apr

Aries            - 25 days   19 Apr - 13 May

Taurus         - 37 days   14 May - 19 Jun

Gemini         - 31 days   20 Jun - 20 Jul

Cancer         - 20 days   21 Jul - 09 Aug

Leo              - 37 days   10 Aug - 15 Sep

Virgo            - 45 days   16 Sep - 30 Oct

Libra            - 23 days   31 Oct - 22 Nov

Scorpio        -  7 days   23 Nov - 29 Nov

Ophiuchus   - 18 days   30 Nov - 17 Dec

Total          - 365 days

The actual length of the year is closer to 365.242...


[For more information see: 33-Year Leap-day cycle]


Depending on where the Leap-day is positioned in the year, it would be added to the Zodiacal sign of that time in the year in order to keep the days in synch.


Example:  Our current world calendar, the Gregorian calendar, places the Leap-day after February 28th, which would transfer over to the Zodiacal sign of Aquarius in Ecliptical Astrology. 
[For more information see: Sidereal_astrology]


The 13 Signs are listed above in order from the Galactic center.  The position of the Galactic center is: 26 degrees, 54 mins Sagittarius in Traditional Astrology.  Ecliptical Astrology is 24 degrees approx. before Traditional Astrology, therefore the Galactic center is: 2 degrees, 54 mins Sagittarius approx. in Ecliptical Astrology.


[See * GC mark at top of Ecliptic Zodiac graphic]


When Sagittarius is taken as the 1st Sign, Ophiuchus automatically becomes the 13th Sign!
It seems to me that this all makes perfect sense. We have been using systems with crocked origins for so long now weve forgotten exactly what the systems we use without question are actually keeping track of.
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