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Galdrastafr Purpose: The Manifestation of Heaven on Earth
'Galdrastafr (Galdrastafir)' Staff of Incantations
'Galdr' - Song of Magical Intent
'Stafr' - 1. Staff 2. Magical Channel
3. Letter of a writing system
By the power of 3 x 3,
and so it is,
and so it shall be!
: Holding the Vision of Heaven on Earth :
: Building the Dream of Galactic Human Earth Culture :
: Empowering the Synchrony of the Biospheric Organism :
Phase 1 Contents

The Golden Heart and The Torch of Life




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 The Glyph of the Solar Rune Magi

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with reference to this site and the artist but not sold!


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Torch Project Co-Creators:

Ormungandr I. Melchizedek
(ASP Kin 17 - Self-Existing Earth)
(Long Count - 9 Imix - Kin 61 - 1st day 259th Katun)
(Dreamspell Kin - White Magnetic Mirror 118)

Raahsirus Hun Kuk'um
(ASP Kin 96 - Overtone Warrior)
(Long Count - 10 Ahau - Kin 140)
(Dreamspell Kin - Blue Cosmic Eagle 195)

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