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The Bindrunes of the Torch of Life
It is important to recognize that the following four sets of bindrunes do not follow a linear sequence, but a perpetual cycle. The bindrunes are the fourfold unified form of the Runic Formula. The Galdrastafr of the 4 bindrunes on Mjölinr is a whole glyph in itself, pulsing every moment. The bindrunes appear in groups of 3 runes and the sum of these 3 is greater than the sum of its parts, the sum of the 12 (the four bindrunes together) on the 13 is greater still.

Red = fire runes: will, invoking causal power, love as a force.

The 1st Bindrune - Remembrance

The first bindrune, top right, blends the essences of the first triad of runes in the twelve-rune formula: Laguz, Gebo and Mannaz. It is as a clarion call to our Self-remembrance, lifting the veil of spiritual amnesia. Its rune song sings to us of our limitless potential, both as individuals and as a collective, illuminating the inner calling to our high self and impulsing us to choose to blend with our higher nature. It serves as a self-initiatory gateway into the vastness of our human divinity and our highest potential future. It calls our higher light into our matter bodies through invoking our divine self-image as the template for further evolution, asking us to surrender to our higher nature as enlightened humans.  Its silent melody communes with our innate emotional intelligence, inviting us to dream the vision of Spirit with Spirit into our collective planetary reality as Heaven on Earth.

I AM Infusing my Incarnation with my I AM Presence,
Blessing  my Self with my Core Divine Light.
I surrender to the One Heart,
and accept the Gift of my Awakening to the Love I AM.
In service to Love, Light, Truth and Oneness.
I AM that
The 2nd Bindrune - Awakening of the Bodhisattva 
The second bindrune, on the bottom right, blends the essences of the second triad of runes in the twelve-rune formula: Elhaz, Dagaz and Ehwaz. Like the Sword of Truth, this bindrune stimulates our planetary stewardship and invites us to act as protectors of all life. It proclaims that we are here to live our enlightenment as a moment-to-moment experience of service to existence as Bodhisattvas / Buddhas / Christs / Mahatmas / Quetzalcoatls / Melchizedekians of the Legions of Light. It stimulates compassion, emotional stability, faith, loyalty, truth, trust and wisdom in all relations and activities. Invoking the de-polarization of consciousness, it impulses us to orient our behaviours to Spirit-based reality, wills us to feel the oneness of existence through the wholeness of our open hearts and hold our species and all life as kin.
 I AM a transmutational catalyst of
Telempathic understanding.
I AM guardian to all life.
I AM Wholeness enfolding the World in my wings,
Spiritual Kin of the Rainbow Tribe.
The 3rd Bindrune - Self Liberation
The third bindrune, on the bottom left, blends the essences of the third triad of runes in the twelve-rune formula: Naudiz, Ehwaz and Mannaz. Like the sword of Mastery this bindrune cuts through the excuses we tell ourselves which disempower us. It assists us in overcoming all self-imposed obstacles to self-emancipation by stimulating inspiration, courage, humility, endurance, heightened perception and unwavering strength of spirit. As a spiritual mirror that reflects the radiance of our highest self into our Now incarnation, it exposes and transforms our illusions and delusions through the Essence of Divine Grace. It illuminates the blossoming of the flower of the soul, impulsing responsibility for all thoughts, feelings and actions. Radiating deathlessness as remembrance of self as Spirit, it invokes the will to embrace self-mastery through referencing the divine self-image as a template for further evolution.
I understand that the World is a reflection of my Self,
As I AM healed, so is the World.
I AM the Strength of Legions
I AM the Pillar of Light,
My Being is my Temple
I AM that I AM


The 4th Bindrune - Re-Birth of the Phoenix

The fourth bindrune, on the top left, blends the essences of the fourth triad of runes in the twelve-rune formula: Ingwaz, Wunjo and Mannaz. This bindrune emanates the frequency of the Mother of all Buddha's who is facilitating humanity’s re-birth like the phoenix, the flaming bird that is born from the ashes of its former self. Fruitful and infinite, the human spirit purges itself of the density that veils its divine heritage.

This Bindrune also emanates spiritual truth in the forms of original innocence, love and peace. It encourages deep love for all life as family and reminds us of our limitless potential to create in harmony within the natural order. Calling us to live Heaven it inspires the vision of life as an ongoing story of Co-Creation with Spirit within which anything is possible. As a gateway of spiritual maturity for humanity it places self-sovereignty wholly in the hands of the individual. Communing directly with the soul of the viewer it triggers the remembrance of humanity as spiritual royalty, divine offspring, worthy of all the gifts of Spirit without condition. It signifies the completion of the Old World and the beginning of a new stage of planetary creation, called the Diamond Age by many prophets, within which fully conscious humans practice the path of peace as the prime directive. It calls humanity to anchor world society upon the principles of forgiveness, honour, truth, trust, and loyalty to life in natural time: 13:20, unifying our world as one World Village called Heaven on Earth. 

I AM the Manifestation of my Enlightened Self.
I AM the Phoenix of Ascension.
I AM the infinite Wellspring of Joy Filled Accomplishment,
Blessing the World in the Rainbow Flame.
I AM that I AM
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