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A Runic Revelation

This realisation was that each rune is naturally linked to a number. Traditionally runes have a number associated with them that is observed by their position in their Futhark (An ‘alphabet’ of runes). However, on more intimate level each rune is a member one of many families of vibration.

As runes are angular, they have a finite number of ends and joins to their forms. Their forms resonate to these geometrical frequencies. As geometry is number this is a very obvious way observing runes as pure number.

For example: the UR rune resonates to the number

All runic forms including bindrunes, galdrastafrs and 2D geometric shapes transmit the wavelength of their numeric family.

The following image lists the Geometric Number Emanation (GNE) of each rune in the Elder Futhark, then the Runic Formula and then the GNE of each of the four Bindrunes.

The Geometric Number Emanation (GNE) of Runes was discovered on:

ASP 2931 - 6 Monkey  - Kin 71


Mayan Long Count:

 Tzolkin 11 Men  -  Kin 115

Haab: 8 Ceh


IX - Red Solar Serpent - Kin 165

Alpha 5 Overtone Moon

Red Planetary Moon Year





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