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The Torch of Life - Time Map to 2012/13
It is helpful to have a general awareness of
the Long Count and the Dreamspell of Timeship Earth 2013 when viewing this page.
The Torch of Life mandala maps the last 19 years of The Harmonic Convergence. The Harmonic Convergence occurred in 1987 and signalled the beginning of the last 26 years of this 26,000 year cycle (one approx. zodiac age) and maybe the end of the 'Great Arcturus Cycle' of 104,000 years (four zodiac ages). What this means is that on a visual level the Torch of Life is a wholly independent symbolic reflection of the prophetic release of Pacal Votan.
"All is number! God is a number! God is in All."
Pacal Votan 
The Harmonic Convergence reaches its crescendo on the Winter Solstice, 21st December, 2012. This date is the end of the Mayan Long Count of 5125 years or 1,872,000 days/kin (13 Baktuns of 144,000 kin), also known as the count of History. NB In the cosmic scheme of things 1 year or even 100 years is of little moment. Effectively what we are talking about is a pivotal period in our collective evolution which is litteraly happening now. This is potentialy the End of History as we might understand it, heralding the Beginning of Post-Historic Age (time goes vertical in the awareness of the radial now moment), the birthing of Galactic Humanity and the start of the Psychozoic Era.  Half an Earth year later the Timeship 2013 (13:20) is launched on Magnetic Moon (Moon 1 of 13), Dali  (Day 1 of 28) of Yellow Galactic Seed Year - kin 164 (26 July 2013).
Both of these profound Time-Space events relate to the outer ring of the double rainbow of the Torch of Life and it's Fibonacci frequency of 144. The 13th number of the Fibonacci sequence and cosmic trigger of the collective enlightenment cascade.
"The Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan was triggered into manifestation on the prophetic date Kin 144, July 26, 1993, thus initiating the first of the 7 Years of Prophecy". Valum Votan
Further to this, the Torch of Life also synchronistically reflects the 16 years of the Rainbow Bridge Telektonon Cube of the Law. These 16 years are as a cleansing of the way, intended as the attunement of Humanity to the consciousness frequency of Galactic Culture, establishing it as the mainstream focus of a unified humanity.  The  Cube of the Law has been brought to us by the prophetic personage of Valum Votan, the Closer of the Cycle.  
The image at the bottom of the page on the right is a slice of the Torch of Life Mandala from the centre down.  It shows the 19 stages which correspond to the last 19 years (256 kin (+ 1 kin ) + 18 Earth years) of the aforementioned Harmonic Convergence and the launch of the Timeship Earth.
The dates below are all in the terms of the Dreamspell Count of the Galactic Wizard (13:20 / 13:28:+1 / 7:7:7:7 Natural Time) Telektonon Revelation, and then the Gregorian Calendar (12:60 Accounts Book) for the common reference. 
 16 Rings correspond to the 16 Year Rainbow Bridge

 The 16 Year Telektonon Rainbow Bridge Map from the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time
Produced by Valum Votan 
The Time Map 
The Mandala is read from the centre outwards. Each facet of it's radial nature is associated with a year:
Area 1 Central Sun Symbol / Aton Disk
Area 2 Red Galdrastafr (Crystal Power Store and Bindrunes)
Area 3 Ouroborus Ring / Eight Mark
Area 4 The 16 Rings of the Rainbow Bridge
3 + 16 = 19
Area 1
The Central Sun Symbol / Aton Disk area represents the year in which the Torch of Life engaged the Planetary Mind, 1994-95
The Torch of Life was born 108 days after the Dreamspell New Year of Red Lunar Moon (26th day / 7th month / 1994), in the 2nd Year of Prophecy.
Its birth was 256 + 1 kin/days before it engaged the Dreamspell as the ADP.
256 (64 x 4 or 4 x 4 x 4 x 4kin + 1)  
108 + 256 + 1 = 365
(One Earth Solar Round is 365.242 days)
The Dreamspell Kin Signature of the Torch of Life is:
Red Rhythmic Earth - Kin 97
White Northern Castle - Yellow Human Wavespell
1st Dimensional Life Pulsar - 
Alpha 25
Self-Existing Moon of Red Lunar Moon Year
2nd Year of Prophecy
 (11th day / 11th month / 1994)
The ASP Tzolkin Round was:
Kin 1 - Red Magnetic Dragon
1 kin elapsed of 28080 on this day.
Dreamspell (IX - Wizard Count)
(IX) Kin 97 refers to the explosion of
the Cube of the Law in 1997
 (IX) Kin 94 - Electric Wizard Year 
3rd Year of Prophecy
refers to the year which bound the 
Torch's ASP count with the 13 Moons of Peace.
1994 refers to the year in which the Torch engaged the planetary mind.
(IX) Electric Wizard Year was
White Spectral Mirror - Kin 258 in the ADP.
Kin 258 is the same as the Day Out of Time
of the Dreamspell before
Blue Crystal Storm Year - Kin 259
Kin 259 begins the 7 years of the 
Mystery of the Stone
(2004 to 2011)
Area 2
The 2nd area includes
Outside of the Black Ring
to the outside of the Red Ring.
3rd Year of Prophecy
Year of  White Electric Wizard
Awakening of Yellow Magnetic Warrior
Plus the following Day out of Time.
 Magnetic Moon (1 of 13 Moons) Dali (Day 1 of 28)
was when the ASP engaged the
Telektonon 13 Moon Cycle
in a parallel dance of synchrony as the ADP 
AD 1995-96   
  Area 3 


 4th Year of Prophecy
Year of Blue Self-Existing Storm
plus the following Day out of Time
Awakening of Red Lunar Earth - Kin 217
PSI-Bank Opened - Rinri Project
 AD 1996-97
Area 4 the 16 Rings of
The Double Rainbow
The First Red Ring
5th Year of Prophecy
Year of Yellow Overtone Seed - kin 44
Awakening of White Electric Mirror
Explosion of the Telektonon - Cube of the Law of Time
16 Years of Telektonon Cube of the Law begins
(Energy (Time) = Art)
13:20 / 13:28:+1 / 7:7:7:7
4th Dimensional Time
Released into the Collective Mind
End of 12:60
(The Age of Consumerism / Materialism / War / 
Nationality / Capitalism / the Great Lie)
Mind Shift Genesis of 13:20
(AC) Template of the
Planetary Manitou (Mind) Opened
Aboriginal Continuity Consciously Established
over the next 8 years
2nd Creation begins in the collective mind
Arcturus Dominion (AD) 1997 - 98
The First Orange Ring
6th Year of Prophecy
Year of Red Rhythmic Moon
Awakening of Blue Self-Existing Storm
AD 1998 - 99
 The First Yellow Ring
7th Year of Prophecy
Year of White Resonant Wizard. 
Awakening of Yellow Overtone Sun
AD 1999 - 00
The First Green Ring
Year of Blue Galactic Storm
Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge
Opening of the Planetary Flux Tubes
1st Year of the Campaign of the New Time
AD 2000 - 01
Torch of Life Fibonacci ratio 55:89
 The First Turquoise Ring
Year of Yellow Solar Seed
2nd Year of the Campaign of the New Time
Year of the inevitable event 911
AD 2001 - 02
The First Blue Ring
Year of Red Planetary Moon
3rd Year of the Campaign of the New Time
The Torch of Life Time Revelations on
Yellow Cosmic Sun in the Galactic Moon
with Magnetic Dragon - Kin 1
AD 2002 - 03 
The First Violet Ring
Year of White Spectral Wizard
4th Year of the Campaign of the New Time
Great Calendar Change
AD 2003 - 04
   The First Magenta Ring
Year of Blue Crystal Storm
1st Year of the Mystery of the Stone
AD 2004 - 05 
Aboriginal Continuity Consciously Established 
(AC)Template of the Planetary Manitou Complete
Psi Bank Plate Shift 
The Second Red Ring
Year of Yellow Cosmic Seed
2nd Year of the Mystery of the Stone
(CA) Template of the Planetary Manitou Opened Cosmic Awareness Consciously Established
over the next 8 years.  AD 2005 - 06 
   The Second Orange Ring
Year of Red Magnetic Moon
3rd Year of the Mystery of the Stone
AD 2006 - 07
  The Second Yellow Ring
Year of White Lunar Wizard
4th Year of the Mystery of the Stone
AD 2007 - 08
The Second Green Ring
Year of Blue Electric Storm
5th Year of the Mystery of the Stone
AD 2008 - 09
 The Second Turquoise Ring
Year of Yellow Self-Existing Seed
6th Year of the Mystery of the Stone
AD 2009 - 10
 The Second Blue Ring
Year of Red Overtone Moon
7th Year of the Mystery of the Stone.
AD 2010 - 11
 The Second Violet Ring
Year of White Rhythmic Wizard
1st Year of The Planet of the Phoenix
2 year gateway to the manifestation of the
Government of Light and the Cities of Light
Galactic Culture goes mainstream
AD 2011 - 12
The Second Magenta Ring
Year of Blue Resonant Storm
2nd Year of The Planet of the Phoenix
Galactic Synchronisation
Torch of Life Fibonacci ratio 89:144
Beginning of the 5th World: AD 20:13  
Cosmic Awareness Consciously Established
(CA) Template of the Planetary Manitou Complete
  The Rainbows End
What is at the End of the Rainbow?
All old cycles reinitiate at the next harmonic of divine expression and new cycles come to the attention of the collective mind for Zuvuya navigation.
In the Terms of the Arcturian Shield Program the 16 Rainbow Rings represent 16 cycles of 1755 kin (3 x 585 (45 x 13) - (Synods of Venus are 584 days, the ASP moves in cycles of 584+1 Venus is the Morning and Evening Star, sacred to the Rainbow Serpent) which is 1 ASP Year of 28080 days. This is part of the Greater Time Map which I will expand upon in due course. Suffice to say that it charts the becoming of fully enlightened humanity and the development of global galactic culture. Moving from one Heavenly Mansion World to the next. 
The first ASP year (497664 ASP years per ASP Aeon) concludes 57.8 Earth years after the launch of the Timeship Earth in the summer of 2013
2 Rainbows x 8 Rings = 16 Rings of Rainbow Cube x 1755 Cycles = 28080
28080 kin is 76.88 Earth years
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