There are many > SOLUTIONS...

My philosophy is that we are a species in transition,


may any merit received for this great work be dedicated

to the liberation of all beings from suffering !

? Taxation system in a Debt based society ?

In our current world economic situation (finite energy dependance) the idea of donating isn't feesible as we don't have enough income as it is to really function to our maximum capability, let alone enough to donate to others.

Yet this is not true for all of us though, so if you are someone with spare capital and are able to donate something to the Infinity Codes Project, please dont hesitate to do so.


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Donations received with Infinite 8:8:8 Gratitude !


I could not have done this without the support of friends and family already, through this alone I am committed to bringing this project to completion.

My life's work :-)



Please Paypal me using this email address > raahsirus(at)

and remember to tick the box saying its a gift

( or Paypal will take a percentage )


The Infinity Codes Project is not about profit or greed, its about getting long lost knowledge and wisdom out there, so that many more can have access to what could have been the legacy of our wise ancestors, and taught in schools and universities instead of the history and beliefs of the victors in wars and empires.


Personally I continue to live as my truth that:

"what goes around comes around"

"give and ye shall receive"

with the Law of magnetism / attraction

"like attracts like"


And have experienced all kinds of distorted energy dynamics when working on collaborative endeavors, as well and truly positive ones ! Through this I have learnt that we do indeed create our own realities, yet we also co-create realities with others, and self absorbed philosophies of individuals can end up causing more stress than help.

So my philosophy has evolved to encompass this awareness, we are all naturally at different stages of grow and only through mutual respect do collaborative (non-profit-non-greedy) endeavors blossom :-) for the benefit of all.


In service to the universal truth of the abundance of Nature / Universe ~ if we could alter our systems of energy management of our beautiful planet to reflect this greater awareness, and then allow the art / science / spirituality that backs it up to flourish we would see a planetary transformation the likes of which we have never seen before ! and within all of our lifetimes !


May the Infinity Codes bless you on your path :-)

as it has done for me and more !

In lak'ech / Ah lak'in ( I am you / You are me ) : We Are One <3