our twisted history with money!

and how we can reform the system in service to equality!

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visions of equality - a planetary culture that has transcended the need for money as it has become totally abundant at all levels, where the most natural thing to do is give and receive continuously, living in a sacred world and treating the world in a sacred manner eternally


transforming the economy - recreating a gift network of investing in sovereign human beings, mutually supporting each others growth into abundance, giving back in appreciation of the gift shared, not buying it as a object, gifts are non-taxable income and therefore more energy is saved, kept at local level not siphoned off to fill the pockets of corrupt governments


an economy of debt - the world as it stands with vast amounts of debt (both the U.K. and U.S.A have more debt than the entire wealth of their economies! ) without the ability to repay it without borrowing more money (due to increasing interests rates), and an unacceptable increasing amount of lack of the basic necessities of life for most people of the earth living in poverty, while a few power hungry elitists get stupidly richer


origins of money - currency created for the purpose of trade and exchange, and along the way gets corrupted by the money hoarders, accumulating money for the sole purpose to increase the individual power of control over others, putting a knot in the idea of giving back in appreciation to complete the infinity loop of energy flow in true community living


the sovereign human being - universal rights of equality, all born on earth are of the royal blood line of mother earth, we live in a divine universe and it is our responsibility to be guardians of nature and heirs to a clean and abundant planet, and to make sure the next generation inherit a planet of equal or greater sacredness



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