Fractal Energy Investments

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One fractal earth

in a fractal universe

we are all part of the one

infinity !


Its time to change the way our economy works

its time to overwrite the debt based system

and create a gift based real economy in its place


To this goal this site is dedicated

in honour of the abundance of mother earth

if she was allowed and cultivated to flourish

there would be enough for everyone

and then some !


In lak'ech

In service to:

An Infinite Energy Economy


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Secret City ~ interview with the filmmakers

"A film about the City of London, the Corporation that runs it, and its role in the economic crisis"

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Power of Banks vs Democracy

"You've probably heard the idea that money is power. If that's true, then imagine how much power you'd have, if you could create money."

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97% Owned - Positive Money Cut

"This documentary shows the root of the current economic crisis, analysing the performance of the private banks and the way they generate profits" The Prisma

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‘The Alternative Monetary System’ (TAMS)

- a new and independent monetary and banking system owned and controlled by its users/members.

The Lawful Bank - Our Sovereign Right - homepage


Anonymous - Free Energy Disclosure Appeal

Infinite Energy - the new power source for next 26,000 year cycle starting 21.12.2012

Anonymous - homepage


Four Horsemen

Four Horsemen is the debut feature from director Ross Ashcroft which reveals the fundamental flaws in the economic system which have brought our civilization to the brink of disaster.

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