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Organic Year Investigation

{further evidence of an ancient planetary culture}

Part 3 - Great Pyramid

On the previous page about the alignments of Stonehenge the length of 761 feet was found by calculating the perimeter of the Station Stones and converting it into Egyptian pyramid feet.


This investigation continues with the sacred site of the Great Pyramid. The coordinates of which are:

29.98° N / 31.13° E


During my investigation I found reference to the perimeter of the Station Stones equaling 1 side of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Here are the calculations that show this connection:


30 cm = 1 egyptian foot (see external link: Djeser)

* rounded up figure *


80.4 + 34.7 + 79.9 + 32.7 = 227.7 meters = current perimeter of Station Stones

227.7 meters / 29.92 cm = 761 egyptian pyramid feet


The original length of 1 side of the Great pyramid = 440 cubits

or = 230.36 meters = 755.77 british feet (usual measurement given)

and 761 prime zero feet (click here for detailed explanation)


*(page under construction)*


external links used for calulations:-

using an accurate ellipsoidal model of the earth.




Therefore I can be said that coded into the perimeter of the Station Stones, is the length of 1 side of the Great pyramid measured in prime zero feet, but coded into the Station Stones as egyptian pyramid feet.


Measurements for the sides of the Great Pyramid can be found here in meters: www.metrum.org

and here in british feet: www.world-mysteries.com


*the number 761 is a prime number*