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Runic Sundial of 24 hours

© 2007 Raah Sirus


Above is a digital version of a runic sundial, with the 24 runes arranged around it, outer circle for the sun/day rune hours, and inner circle for the moon/night rune hours.

Making the link between there being 24 runes in the futhark oracle, and that we have 12 hours of day & night (*at the equinox ~ balance point) made complete sense as a time sequence.

extra note * This is a geometric time device, where all parts are equal, 360 / 24 = 15 degrees per rune. An organic version would taken into consideration that the length of day and night are not always 12 hours each and would adjust itself to fit to the current seasonal changes etc


Along with this, there being 24 sides in the Star Tetrahedron / Merkabah geometry, allows for a more multi-dimensional view of time beyond the usual linear framework.


2 tetrahedrons merged ~ 8 points in total with 3 facets on each (8x3=24)

Star Tetrahedron / Merkabah

When aligning the start of the runic sequence I started it in the South as that way the 6th and 7th runes, Kennaz and Gebo, representing the opening (Kennaz) and the gift (Gebo) had the perfect symbology for the dawn of a new day.

6th rune & 7th rune

At dawn as the sun rises the shadow would be cast from the east onto the western side of the runic sundial, illuminating the 6th and 7th runes in sequence.

Through the opening or beginning a new day dawns

Gifting us with a new divine creation each day

Sacred are the ways of our ancestors

Blessed be ! Blessed be !


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