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Alchemy of 28


In the graphic below I have calculated the average of the following 3 lunar cycles:


Synodic cycle = 29.5 days (visible cycle of the moon)

Sidereal cycle = 27.3 days (orbital cycle of the moon)

Draconic cycle = 27.2 days (nodical cycle of the moon)

*rounded to 1 decimal place


When their lengths are added and divided to find the average the result is 28.

29.5 + 27.3 + 27.2 = 84      84 ÷ 3 = 28


In my research this length of time is called a geometric month, as it an alchemy of lunar cycles within a tetrahedral geometry (see graphic below).


3 cycles added and divided by 3, to create the average, the 4th point of the tetrahedron.


© 2000 Raah Sirus


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