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The 13 moons ( Geometric Months )

(1 "tree of life in time")


"known by the Maya as the Tun Uc, the "moon count" or "count of seven" (7 x 4 = 28)." link


One of the first alternatives to the Gregorian calendar I was introduced to in 1996 through the Natural Time world peace movement was the 13 Moon calendar.

In my understanding this calendar of 13 months of 28 days, (+1 day) = 365 days, is really more of an alchemical time matrix than a purely natural one.

It was the yearly time matrix of our ancestors who worked with the magic of the number 7, relating to the 7 visible spheres (the Sun and Moon plus the 5 visible planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn).

These 7 goddesses & gods of our ancestors made up the 7 day week, of which there are exactly 4 in each geometric month of 28 days, as 4 x 7 = 28 (see this page - alchemy of 28)

Below you can see a graphic representing 1 year of the 13 moon "calendar"



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