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Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge


In the structure of the design of Stonehenge, within the sarsen circle of stones there are 29 and a half stones (see outer ring of diagram below). 29.5 days = the synodic lunar month (1 lunation) rounded to 1 decimal place.

The orientation of Stonehenge is such that the Midsummer sunrise (at the summer Solstice), rises opposite the alter stone (see alignments in diagram below).

Therefore this also backs up the reason for the count of 29.5 days starting from the south at Stonehenge, as the south is the fractal position of summer Solstice ( The north representing the winter Solstice, east the spring Equinox and west the autumn Equinox ).


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"Stonehenge: Restored plan. Dr. Stukely’s drawing; the shaded stones were the ones remaining in the early 1840s when this plan was prepared (1845 AD)."