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13 Moons on Turtle's Shell
In many traditions of the native tribes of America is the knowledge of the sacred turtle of time. This is the origin of the naming of Earth as Turtle Island.
The Green Turtle's shell has 13 inner scales and 28 outer scales. It is through embodying this harmony that the Earth was named after the Turtle.
13 Moons x 28 Days = 364
+ 1 Day Out of Time = 365
Throughout America the native tribes honour the Turtle as the keeper the harmony of time. It is a time founded upon observing nature.
Nature functions through maintaining equilibrium or balance. The Turtle swims through the sea of time with the Earth (shell) on it's back. Keeping the people of the Earth protected in the original order of nature.
May the Turtle be forever respected for this gift.
In lak'ech