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9th Sign ~ Leo ~ Sekhmet


Above you can see the background stars of Leo in the middle of the image,

with Cancer and Gemini to the right, and Virgo to the left.

This is the graphic I used to create the further images below.

Its source is:- StarCalc



Here you can see the background stars zoomed in

I have added images found on the internet representing

the Goddess Sekhmet (with Enneagram and 9 Star Ki graphics)

the lioness divine feminine stands

with staff commanding loyalty to our unified

creation (navel/umbilical) ~ and reminds us that we

are all of the royal blood line of being born on

planet earth ! sacred beyond measure !



This is the final graphic with the dates and text added

for the Lion's gate with double dorge.


This graphic shows the actual Lion's gate occurring

on the 10th (9 Wizard) and that it opens the doorway

to the alignment with the Lion's Heart on the 22nd (8 World-bridger).