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10th Sign ~ Virgo ~ Isis


Above you can see the background stars of Virgo in the middle of the image,

with Leo in the upper right, and Libra in the lower left.

This is the graphic I used to create the further images below.

Its source is:- StarCalc



Here you can see the background stars zoomed in

I have added images found on the internet representing

the great Goddess Isis (with fractal time Tetraktys),

mother of creation ~ enfolding us in her wings

~ stretching across millions of light years,

toward our home in the Virgo super cluster of Galaxies

~ interwoven threads ~ divine love manifest ! feel the love !



This is the final graphic with the dates and text added



Here we have the Virgo Gate of ISIS ! :-)

Goddess of Love and the Compassionate Heart activation !


Have a look at the alignments in this graphic

to see more about whats going on in the next Star month of Virgo.


We also have the Organic Equinox on the 22nd Sep. (13 Earth / 5 Oc )

~ Happy Autumn and blessings of abundance

at this time of equal hours of day and night

as we enter the Wintery side of the year.


As well as ISIS this constellation also has ancient connections

to the goddesses of many cultures ~ including:-

Ishtar, Astarte, Eostre, Demeter etc ~

and the sacred energy of fertility and purity.