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11th Sign ~ Libra ~ Maat & Anubis


Above you can see the background stars of Libra in the middle of the image,

with Virgo in the upper right, and Scoprio in the lower left with Ophiuchus above it.

This is the graphic I used to create the further images below.

Its source is:- StarCalc



Here you can see the background stars zoomed in

I have added images found on the internet representing

the weighing of the heart with the feather of Maat

which is assisted by Anubis.

Maat actually stands at the end of the sign of Virgo

before placing the White feather of Truth and Justice

on the scales of Balance.

In addition I have added the Tree of Life (with 11 spheres)

as this is the 11th Sign, and in my view the Tree of Life

extends beyond the physical life into the after life

our soul travels between dimensions on its voyage of evolution

it is our own soul that judges the actions of our lifetime

and determines where to go next to fulfill the path

our soul chose to take when it first incarnated...



This is the final graphic with the dates and text added

it is interesting to note that the midpoint of this zodical sign

occurs on the 11th Nov (11:11) and 12th Nov in our present world "calendar"

somewhat of a synchronicity...



This is an extra graphic I created to honour my brother Ormungandr

whose work on The Torch of Life, that was originally created on 11/11/1994,

has inspired me for many years, and led to many revelations.

here is his website for more info:- Torch of Life