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8 fold-year

The image above is the fully reworked and realigned template for the organic year with the exact dates of true beltane, lughnasa, samhain and imbolc, plus the solstice and equinox cross dates. Known to our ancestors as the 8-fold-year. Infinity (8) woven into the fabric of our daily and yearly lives by its 8 parts, and 8 stages. Each stage being founded on the 44 day common denominator (plus extra days), 44 being (8 = 4+4).

Please note the measurements for this version of the 8-fold-year are specific for the Equator, 0 Long. 0 Lati.

For further information of how these times change according to your position on the Earth, please see this link, one of my latest investigations:



also for more info see this page: 44-fire-festivals