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Solar zenith year

Above is a graphic dividing the year into 7 segments of 52 days (1 of which is 2 x 26 = 52). This is the inverse to the 52 weeks of the geometric year ( see this page: geometric-year )

In my time researching the origins of the Mayan long count, many of the authors mention the realization that was reached at the sites existing on or near 15 degrees latitude north (for example: Izapa zenith cosmology,  the first place I ever saw this concept published was in this book by John Major Jenkins in 1998, here you can check it out online:- Maya-Cosmogenesis-2012 )

Extra note:- of the 24 Elder Futhark runes, the 15th rune is Algiz/Eiwaz

"protection, invocation"

Within the tropics (between 23.5 degrees north and south), as well as having the standard 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes, the phenomina of the 2 Solar zeniths were also tracked, making a total of 6 keys days (infact the 2 Solar nadirs were also tracked making 8 days, but thats for another page)

It is therefore stated that at or near the latitude of 15 degrees north, that the Solar zenith occurs 52 days after the Summer solstice. In the graphic the central axis runs from apex (Summer solstice) to root (Winter solstice), and 2 lines run from the center up to the left and right, like someone standing with their arms raised, pointing in the direction of the times of the Solar zeniths.

The 52nd day after the geometric Summer solstice

was the start point of the long count (3114bc)


As mentioned before this graphic is the inverse of the geometric year, and therefore is also based on tracking the geometric alignments (symmetry). In 3114bc the dates of the key alignment that we are working with here are as follows. *This being the point when other researchers work goes no further in clarifying the exactness of the Mayan time science, and the point at which the infinity codes begin to shine really bright !


Key alignments in 3114bc

Geometric Summer solstice = 21 June ( 5 Muluc )

Organic Summer solstice = 23 June ( 7 Chuen )


Geometric Solar zenith = 11 Aug ( 4 Ahau )

Organic Solar zenith = 13 Aug ( 6 Ik )


In both cases there are 52 days (inclusive) between these points, counting from Geometric point to Geometric point, or counting from Organic point to Organic point. Due to the shape of the year being warped towards the Spring equinox in 3114bc, as the Aphelion was close to the Spring equinox in that era, this then creates the 2 days difference you see between the Geometric and Organic points (see this page for more info: 58-year-shift )

It can also be understood in that our current era, the shape of the year is warped towards the Summer solstice, again with the Aphelion being closeby to it, making the 2 days difference occur at the Spring and Autumn equinox, instead of Summer and Winter solstice as is the case in 3114bc.

Therefore this page lays down the foundations on which the Mayans in their vast knowledge of the great cycles of time, anchored the long count on the geometric Solar zenith (not the Organic zenith as one would presume). This was done so that in the future, as in this year 2012, when the Geometric and Organic Solar zeniths have combined (due to the shift in the position of the Aphelion), the long count can complete exactly on the geometric Winter solstice (dec 20th {the +1}) and the next long count can begin on the Organic Winter solstice - 4 Ahau (dec 21st 2012).


The chart gives the Zenith dates for Izapa, Palenque & Teotihuacan (years 100AD-2200AD)


I dedicate this realization to the wisdom of our ancestors !

May we all remember that our roots are truly planted in absolute genius !

In lak'ech ! Ra:ah


video link:- fibonacci_sequence

p.s. here is a graphic I created to summarize this particular aspect of the genius of the Mayan Time Science, it also shows the relation of the Fibonacci ratio to 1 year, anchored at the geometric solar zenith (did the Mayans also know of this ratio long before us?)

8 + 13 + 21 + 34 + 55 = 131 (+1) = 132 days

number of days from geometric zenith to organic solstice 2012

Mayan Long Count lasts

5,125 years + 132 days

1,872,000 days

- 132 = 1871868 days

= 5125 x 365.2425