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The Sun rises on the Hor~i~zone... and the Sun rises direcly east at Spring and Autumn equinox...

the day is the son, of the Sun on Earth, Hor~us the son is... eternal.


Above you can see both the usual left and right eyes of Horus, plus another version, ive called the third eye of Horus (at the top of the graphic, that looks like a u.f.o.), which blends the 2 eyes together into one. This is contained within a triangular matrix, and symbolizes the resolution of duality ( beyond the duality 'game' / of survival of the fittest ~ into cooperative, unity of all, in the infinity loop of equal and opposite polarities living in harmony with nature/cosmos).

At the center of the image is the fractal code for the leap-day pattern I use throughout my work (triangle with 3 circles within it, plus 1 circle within that). It represents the basic 4 year fractal code of time as (3 x 365) + 366 = 1461 days. See image below.


Fractal code of time (Fractal eye of Horus)

more info see these pages: diamond-matrix & 33-year-diamond

plus my latest research ~ Natural Time Fractal Matrix: N.T.F.M.

Fractal ~ beauty ~ is in the eye of the beholder !


N.T.F.M. makes my previous theory of the 33 year Diamond matrix, as most accurate over long periods of time, even more accurate, and is based on the codes of the 33 year Diamond. However it improves on this equation, by anchoring the new "Natural Time Fractal Matrix" system at Spring equinoxes in which Total/Annular Solar Eclipses occur ( every 372 or 391 years ).

The foundation for this new way of working with the leap-day, was also aided through understanding and utilizing 2 systems of yearly time, the organic and geometric years. The third eye of Horus was developed later to keep track of the symmetry of both of these year types (originally placed at the Spring Equinox), allowing for conversion between them, and from its realization this graphic unfurled.

Its postion in the year changes according to the shape of the year (changing into the third eye of Osiris for example), and is identified by which season has an extra day (+1). Removing it leaves 364 days per year, a number capable of producing symmetry out of the 4 seasonal lengths.


more info see these pages: organic-year & geometric-year


and this new graphic (updated end of 2012)

~: Ancient World Cosmology of Time :~

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In the Third eye of Horus graphic I have placed the leap-day at the center of the graphic between all three eyes, which is currently positioned at Autumn Equinox and therefore can be understood as the Fractal Eye of Atum (symbolized by the fractal code geometry). This new position for the leap-day changes it from the usual placement at 29th Feb in the Gregorian calendar.

The day of the Fractal eye, I have found in my research would best occur generally every 4 years (according to leap-day formula of N.T.F.M ~ 62 year patern), on the day before the Left Eye day ~ a day before Autumn Equinox. This is to maintain symmetry of the axis between the organic and geometric time matrices, in addition to the Third eye of Osiris ~ extra day ~ which anchors the symmetry ~ at Winter Solstice.

New Years day being the actual Spring equinox ~ when the Sun rising east (dawn, birth, Horus) ~ is represented by the Right eye of Horus in the graphic. Whereas the Left eye is the 'mirror point' opposite New Years day ~ at the Autumn equinox ~ when the Sun sets west. Due to the fluctuating shape of the year, and with the right eye anchored at spring equinox, the day of the year the left eye occurs on is maintained in relation to the right eye's current postion.


Therefore to summarize, ordered over 1 cycle of the year:

Right Eye of Horus = fixed day ~ 1st of year ~ New Years day ~ Sun rises east

Fractal Eye of Atum = fluctuates ~ Day before Left eye ~ (+1) leap-day

Left Eye of Horus = fixed day ~ Half Year point ~ Sun sets west

Third Eye of Osiris = fluctuates ~ Symmetry point ~ (+1) extra-day


version 1: version 2:


These graphic shows the guardian positions of 4 aspects of the 'male' archetypes of an Egyptian theme. Currently the Fractal eye is guarded by Atum, and the Third eye by Osiris.


Birth/Childhood ~ Horus

Life/Manhood ~ Ra

Elder/Wiseman ~ Atum

Rebirth/Resurrection ~ Osiris


~ as surely as the sun rises and sets, on countless stars, for millions of years, so do the countless souls take birth in form, living millions of lives, grow tired of earthly form, return to spirit, and prepare for another life, miracles made manifest ~


Further notes in understanding how the Third Eye of Horus graphic came to be

For any time matrix to remain in synchrony with the alignment that it starts its year with, requires one form or another of a leap-day system. Across the world there are many different leap-day systems for instance to name a few:


365 + 1/4 = Egyptian leap-day cycle of 1460 years, length of year = 365.25

365 + 8/33 = Persian leap-day cycle of 33 years, length of year = 365.2424...

365 + 90/372 = N.T.F.M. leap-day cycle of 372 years, length of year = 365.2419...

365 + 97/400 = Gregorian leap-day cycle of 400 years, length of year = 365.2425

365 + 365/1507 = Mayan leap-day cycle of 1507 years, length of year = 365.2422...


During my research I have found that the 33 year cycle to be the most accurate average year length over long periods of time, see this page for more details: 33-year-diamond


After doing extensive formulas and spreadsheets to calculate what I call "the average of the average of the average" year length, it was to my great surprise to find that over a 20,000 year period centred at 0bc/0ad the average was indeed: 365.2424 days in length !


see this page: average-over-20000-years


It was also fascinating to me that this year length reoccured many times over the 20,000 year period (10,000bc - 10,000ad), and was always the exact year measured from 1 of the 4 key points of the year that most cultures and tradtions start their years from i.e spring and autumn equinox and summer and winter solstice, as can be seen below:


Midpoints of epochs in which year measures 365.2424

4500 BC the Spring equinox = 365.2424 days

1833 BC the Summer solstice = 365.2424 days

833 AD the Autumn equinox = 365.2424 days

3500 AD the Winter solstice = 365.2424 days

& again

3000 AD the Spring equinox = 365.2424 days


It can be seen from the 20,000 year spreadsheet that over time the lengths of the years fluctuate, measured from all 4 points. In addition in the instance of the spring equinox returning to the length is once was before (4500bc & 3000ad), was to me very interesting.

It could mean that this whole idea that the length of the year is 'only' decreasing isnt actually true, I could mean that we just havent got enough records of the cycles of time to make the correct conclusions about time. The lengths do of course decrease, but they also increase over time, as it depends on the gravitational pulls of the Sun and Moon plus the postion of the 4 keys points (solstices and equinoxes) relative to the conjunctions of our closest planets i.e. Venus and Jupiter.

I was therefore inspired to create an alternative leap-day system to the gregorian calendar (our current world standard) because it isnt accurate not does it produce harmonious patterns in time, which in my view are key to understanding a truly fractal based time system.

16 years ago when I started using the 13 moon system (www.lawoftime.org), and after using it for several years, I asked the question that many have asked, why does the 13 moon system use the gregorian leap-day system if its meant to replace the gregorian ?

This question has never been truly answered in my view, and so I offer this alternative leap-day system so that we can fully and completely let-go of the gregorian calendar once and for all. To do so is to break the spell of history and war, and to enter into a truly new time, yet ageless and timeless, an era of world peace !

I respect the momentous work the 13 moon movement has done to promote and create peace and unity around the world, but I do not believe in following dogmas, whose time was up many centuries ago.

In service to Universal Peace !

Ra:ah~si:rus ~ Blue cosmic eagle ~ kin 195



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