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Tree of planets



This is a graphic I created to anchor the Tree of life of the Solar system, it has its root in the Sun therefore (Dimension Zero), and the planets all grow out of it upwards and outwards in order of distance.

Zero Root

Sun has its position at the center of our solar system (as in 0D ~ dimension zero)

The graphic explains a great deal in regards to the our conscious awareness or unconscious as it seems to be of the naming and position of the planets and their archetypal gods/goddesses. Using alchemical viewpoints to express the different dimensional levels i've listed them in orbital sequence below.


Orbits 1-4

Mercury has its position as 1st orbit (as in 1D ~ prima materia)

Venus has its position as 2nd orbit (as in 2D ~ al-chemical realm)

Earth has its position as 3rd orbit (as in 3D ~ the manifest world)

Maris has its position as 4th orbit (as in 4D ~ dimension of Time {cycles of growth})


That we have the War god "Mars" ruling over our Time dimension as standard isn't surprising when you are aware of the fact that as a planet we use the Gregorian calendar of unequal months {28-31}, which started traditionally in March / Mars god of war.

This also explains further reasons why a Time shift {from Gregorian to Natural frequency} is required for our planet to become a truly peaceful planet ~ that means transforming our "calendar" into a Time matrix ~ this is why I have renamed this planet to Maris, as before his name change to Mars, Maris was a gardener {of the cycles of growth}.


to enter Natural Time frequency ~ see link below


Natural Time Fractal Matrix ~


Using the 1st four dimesions 0-3D as our basic foundation {pyramid/tetrahedron} of reality in Time (4D), the upper planets from 5-10 therefore could represent 6 aspects/dimensions {cube/hexhedron} of a quantum reality (half visible/half invisible to naked eye), there being a possible extra 6 in order to allow for string theory to exist...



A six dimensional quantum study


Orbits 5-10

Ceres has its position as 5th orbit (as in 5D ~ realm of mythic reality)

(mostly non-physical realm of sound waves / 5th chord / as Ceres is only an asteroid remnant)


Jupiter has its position as 6th orbit (as in 6D ~ creative power matrix / hexagon)

Saturn has its position as 7th orbit (as in 7D ~ mirror point of as above / so below)


- - - veil of illusion - - -

*Chiron has its position between the veil of illusion, bridging the worlds...*


*beyond the veil these planets can only be seen with aid of telescope*


Uranus has its position as 8th orbit (as in 8D ~ invisible fractal matrix / octave)

Neptune has its position as 9th orbit (as in 9D ~ invisible cosmic ocean / chaos)

Pluto has its position as 10th orbit (as in 10D ~ gateway to otherworld / galaxy)


EXPANDED EDITION (uploaded in 2014 )

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