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1460 year Egyptian Time matrix

The Egyptians used Sirius as one of their main time markers for measuring cosmic cycles there can be no question of that. During the time of Egypt's height of culture there was a synchronicity in the reoccurance of the star Sirius rising heliacally after the Sun.

To rise heliacally the star must rise "approximately 50 minutes" before the Sun in order to be seen by the naked eye:-

see this page > Heliacal Rising of Sirius < for more details


From the date Jul 16th 7162BC to Jul 16th 5701BC exactly 533265 days elasped, the dates being exact days of an occurrance of the helical rising of Sirius before the Sun.


1460 x 365.25 days (Sirius years) = 533265 days


1460 x 365 (+365 leap-days) = 533265 days

This is 1 example of the origins of our 4 year leap day cycle still in use today


The Egyptian time matrix it is stated commensed with the 1st month of 30 days at the time of the helical rising Sirius, and would have be kept aligned by tracking the occurrance of the helical rising in the future.


The same exact time seqeuence phenomena occurred again between the dates Jul 17th 4242BC to Jul 17th 2782BC where again exactly 533265 days elasped. This particular time window completed during the beginning of the Old Kingdom of Egyptian culture ( 1st and 2nd dynasties ) see links below:-




However over time the synchronicity doesnt remain the same it changes, as there arent 533265 days between the occurance of the helical rising of Sirius today. The current cycle started from the date Aug 1st 1599AD and continues until Aug 15th 3059AD, the number of days between them being now 533268, which is 3 days more than the standard 533265 days.

This is due to the changing position of the pole star. In my investigations I have seen the cycle of 1460 years fluctuate from 533265 days upto 533276, which is an extra 11 days ( the investigation being made between the years 10,000BC and 10,000AD )


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