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The 4 Fire Festivals
realigned with Natural Time in the 8 fold year

The days celebrated by modern day practitioners of Celtic, Pagan, Wiccan and Druidic paths are out of alignment with natural time. There is a simple reason for this. The 4 Fire Festivals are positioned at the end of months within a 16th century Catholic calendar, a reworked version of the calendar of Julius Caesar. For example: Beltane is celebrated on the evening of April 30th and morning of May 1st.


The current dates of the 8 fold year

(2012AD) Northern hemisphere

(backwards symbology with unequal number of days between them)


To our ancestors of the magical traditions that live on through us, the year wheel contains 2 Solstices, 2 Equinoxes and 4 Fire Festivals, and they arranged these 8 yearly festivals evenly between each other and each season. There are many examples of stone temples, circles and monuments that mark these days of the 8 fold year, all of which were measuring the direction of the rising and setting Sun.

spirals of creation ~ 4 fold nature of solstice equinox cross found throughout the planet :-) the 4 that becomes 8

They were the 8 solar festivals of the year, enacting the yearly eternal cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth of the Sun upon the Earth. ( the lunar aspect fluctuates year to year, as it takes 19 years for the Earth, Moon and Sun to resynchronize, see:- 19-year-flower )

Taking the average length of the year and dividing by 8 the average number of days between the 8 yearly festivals is:

365.24 / 8 = 45.655 days

However on closer inspection, and what would have became apparent from years, cycles & epochs of observation at sacred sites around the country, is that the lengths of the seasons fluctuate over time.


Current lengths of the seasons in days

(2012AD) Northern hemisphere

The Earth’s orbit around the Sun every year is not circular !


From the Autumn equinox through Winter to the Spring equinox:-

there are 178.83 days (89.85 + 88.99)


whereas from the Spring equinox through Summer to the Autumn equinox:-

there are 186.41 days (92.75 + 93.65)


The difference between summer and winter is:

186.41 - 178.83 = 7.58 days


Therefore there are currently 7.58 extra days in the Summer half of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere that is, in the Southern Hemisphere all measurements are reversed).

From here we can deduce that in order to calculate the actual days of the 4 Fire festivals we must find the overall pattern of symmetry in the seasons, if it exists that is...

Spring equinox = sun rising east

Spring = 92.76 (rounded up = 93 whole days)

+ leap days counted at Spring equinox (0.24 days approx per year)


Summer solstice = sun most northern rising & setting

Summer = 93.65 (rounded down = 93 whole days)


Autumn equinox = sun sets west

Autumn = 89.85 (rounded up = 90 whole days) or (89+1)


Winter solstice = sun most southern rising & setting

Winter = 88.99 (rounded up = 89 whole days)


By rounding the number of days up or down gives us a better picture of what our ancestors would have observed, as they did not have clocks with hours, minutes & seconds. They marked the days of each alignment and the number of whole days between them, and if they were to do it today they would be seeing the same symmetry of 93+93, and 89(+1)+89 as can be seen in the calculations and graphic above.


The results produce a beautiful natural progression in time

a ladder or stairway of numbers from winter to summer and back again


44 + 45 + 46 + 47 + 47 + 46 + 45 + 44 +1 =365

The true dates of the 8 fold year

(2012 AD) northern hemisphere

and Organic spring equinox year template!


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