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The table below contains all dates of New Moons forever !

Anchored at Edinburgh (as time zone zero)

within 19 year matrix of flower of life !

for more background info check out this page:



click here for: 19 year computation table (print version)

To decipher the dates in the table above

use the time matrix below to determine 13:28 (+1) date or (gregorian date - soon to be phased out !)


click here for: 13x28 (+1) geometric spring equinox year (print version)

Exact times may fluctuate by +/- 1 day due to gregorian leap-day cycle and effects of other lunar cycles.

(new formula that removes +/- 1 day fluctuation coming soon...)


To confirm the exact date of the new moon you are looking up use the Synodic matrix below

and look outside in the night sky at dusk ~ through midnight ~ until dawn :-)


more info about Synodic matrix:



click here for: lunation matrix (print version)


To calculate times for the distant future !

Just add 19 years to the year you look up in the first table !

The 19 year cycle is eternal and has been known for millenia !