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Infinity Codes - Archive

Updated last on - resonant seed : 11 cib : day 297 of geometric spring equinox year - © 2012 Raah Sirus

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-- Finding the spiral thread --

Split into 4 sets of templates the Infinity Codes have been designed to assist re-establishing our connection to the cycles of the cosmos and the earth (macrocosm and microcosm). The codes are arranged in a fractal sequence in order to reveal the spiral thread of interconnected-ness between us, nature and the universe.

graphic = the 4 sets of templates: earth, lunar, solar, galactic

showing an example of each templates code index

Their purpose is to liberate and inform us with the knowledge of geometric patterns, fractal harmonics and organic ratios of the 13D reality in which we live. Each graphic has ancient wisdom encoded within it that our ancestors knew and based their systems of time and space measurement upon.

Living in a non-linear matrix of time and space, which they understood primarily through observing the movements of the 7 visible ‘spheres’ (5 planets + sun + moon), our ancestors were far beyond us in their development. This enabled them to perceive the fractal design of the tree of life, and our place in it - via the 28 = (4x7), the 365 = (13x28) +1, and 365.242 (1 year). This created a fractal matrix of the alchemy of the organic + geometric, that could then be aligned to zodiacal + celestial, in an eternal map of the cosmos.

Rooted in the ancient and confirmed by modern calculations this collection of timeless blueprints are intended to inspire and attune anyone open to re-connecting with the roots of our world culture, and the many tribal understandings that they communicate through their shape and meaning.