Original Digital Graphics of Time-Space Codes

trees of life in the stars

( click image for step by step evolution of the graphic )


5D holographic template

( click on 1 of the 5 spheres above for more info )


13D cosmic vision


spiral matrix of nature

(alchemy of geometric and organic years)


elixir of 28 flame fractal


growth spiral of cosmic nature


galactic time atom


infinity codes (19 year matrix)


infinity codes (with 33 diamond)


tao crystal in olive cup

(holy grail of time science)


magical tree being of sacred protection


13D tree of consciousness


yew tree and 24 runes


UV Acrylic on Canvas Graphics of Time-Space Codes

twin serpent Vision (original)


twin serpent Vision (time codes)


detail of cosmic bazooka in lower left corner

(digital version)


Digital Collage of Online Graphics of Time-Space Codes

caduceus on mirrors edge 2012


crossing the threshold 2012


fractal pyramids of egypt


polarity of truth (message of the 13 moons of peace)


unity of purpose?



Uploaded first on - cosmic mirror : 5 chuen day 146 of geometric spring equinox year - © 2012 Raah Sirus