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Organic Year Investigation

{further evidence of an ancient planetary culture}


In this investigation I will be bringing greater understanding to the depth our ancestors knew of the cycles of time (focusing on the fluctuations of the seasons in local time) and the distances and angles between sacred sites on different continents.

The 3 sacred sites I have chosen for this study are:

Arthur's Seat (Scotland): 55.94° N / 3.16° W

Stonehenge (England): 51.18° N / 1.83° W

Great Pyramid (Egypt): 29.98° N / 31.13° E


This investigation was greatly helped by this free program:

(The Photographer's Ephemeris)



The basis for this study can be found on these pages, which give the dates for the 8-fold-year in universal Earth time (with the Equator 0° N/S as the anchor point). Along with this are pages showing the relationship between the lengths of the seasons and the ratio of the fibonacci sequence.

44-fire-festivals, organic-year & fibonacci-year.

Graphic = 8-fold-year (universal Earth time)


Part 1 - Arthur's Seat

The 2/3 (0.666...7) way markers


This investigation starts with the sacred site of Arthur's Seat. The coordinates of which are:

55.94° North by 3.16° West


At this latitude the northern most sunrise, at Summer Solstice, rises at:

47.0° North of East and the Sun sets at 47.0° North of West.


The southern most sunrise, at Winter Solstice, rises at:

43.6° South of East and the Sun sets at 43.6° South of West.


The total degrees of change between mid summer and mid winter therefore equals:

47.0 + 43.6 = 90.6°

This is almost exactly one quarter of a 360° circle (full horizon)


The diagram below shows the above calculations in a radial format (eagle's view / top down).

Included are the 2/3 (0.666...7) way markers from exactly East and West (both as 0°).

47 x 0.666...7 = 31.3°

43.6 x 0.666...7 = 29.1°


In yellow are the dates these alignments occur relative to Arthur's Seat.

In green are the number of days between each respective alignment.

Arthur's Seat Organic Template : 2/3 way markers Version


The calculations that create the above diagram are based on knowing the true east/west axis.

The 2/3 (0.666...7) way markers being exact midpoints (* relative to 8-fold-year) between the northern most and southern most risings and settings and the true east/west axis.

The shortest section in which there is 43 days indicates that the season in which it occurs (Winter solstice to Spring equinox) is where the Perihelion is currently positioned (Jan 4th).


- - -


Another version of marking the seasons from Arthur's Seat would be to have the 2/3 (0.666...7) way markers equally spaced from northern most to southern most risings and settings.

The total degrees of change between mid summer and mid winter is 90.6°:

90.6° / 6 = 15.1° (1/3)

15.1° x 2 = 30.2° (2/3)


Here is the diagram for the equally spaced 2/3 (0.666...7) way markers.

47.0° N (- 15.1°) = 31.9° N

31.9° N (- 30.2°) = 1.7° N

1.7° N (- 30.2°) = 28.5° S

28.5 S° (- 15.1°) = 43.6° S

Arthur's Seat Geometric Template : 2/3 way markers Version


The result produces greater symmetry in the number of days between the 2/3 (0.666...7) way marker points, so that only the lengths of 45 and 46 days occur in this time template.

The longer sections in which there are 46 days indicate at their midpoint (the 3rd season of 46 days ~ Summer solstice to Lughnasa) is where the Aphelion is currently positioned (Jul 5th). This is also true for the shorter sections in which there are 45 days, of which the midpoint indicates the Perihelion position.

Also worth noting is that all of the dates of the solstice and equinoxes fall on the 21st in the Gregorian month (for: Mar, Jun, Sep & Dec).


To see how Arthur's Seat keys into the structures of Stonehenge:

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